I need a shot of rhythm and blues

Ever have one of those days? It’s been like that since before Christmas for me. One crisis after another, compounded by my home computer biting the dust. So here I am blogging from my phone, because I’m home sick with walking pneumonia. So, whatever I did karmically to deserve this, I’m frakking sorry, okay? Jeebus. Anyway, the phone doesn’t have an alt key, so only one category. Pretend this is also categorized Stupid Republican Tricks.

Now, I need to earn my keep around here. I am well and truly baffled by the persistence of the Republican dominance of the national security issue. The two most successful military endeavors of American history were presided over by Democrats. The Republicans, however, presided over the end of the Korean conflict (not exactly a win) and Vietnam (essentially a cut ‘n run, by Republican definitions). So why do pundits like Cokie Roberts still keep parroting the idea that it’s a winning issue for Republicans?

Because Democrats keep letting them. This latest “crisis” is a case in point. There have been two nearly identical incidents of attempted bombings of planes, one under Bush, one under Obama. Come on, Democrats, grow a pair, willya?

I’d go on, but my thumbs are tired. How do kids text so much?

8 thoughts on “I need a shot of rhythm and blues

  1. Can’t resist completing the post title…”with just a little rock and roll on the side just for good measure…” And as far as the flying texting fingers go, most folks aren’t sick when they do it, and most kids’ reflexes are already good and further amplified by the playing of video games and such. Feel better!

  2. you have old thumbs.
    i think the whole mindset of amerikans went to shit after mccarthyism. the cold war completely made americans STUPID and think they must be fascists to be patriotic. we are still living under the first joemental.

  3. Maddow had a piece last night re the Republican’s supposed dominance of national security. Her point was that this current crop sucks at it.

  4. It’s a longstanding meme in Washington, which began, oddly enough, in the 1946 House races. The Republicans did everything they could to stir up Cold War hysteria, and then accused the Dems of not responding properly to the threats the Republicans had created pretty much out of whole cloth.
    And, because it worked in the election, it kind of set the tone in Washington ever after. The `pugs just made it their own, and the press cooperated.
    It sort of fits into that category of public conventional wisdom of which Tom Paine said, “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.”

  5. liprap: get a stylus, dude (seriously. It helps beyond imagining. but you have to do it right: poke it through the end of a plastic thimble, and you actually need one for each thumb).

  6. Feel better, Buggy. It’s been that kind of shit week for the last 10 months here in my neck of the woods (3 family cancers, one of them mine; my dad nearly losing his legs after his double knee replacements became infected; 20% paycut at work; 1 coworker gets a heart tumor; his fallback quits while #1 is in the hospital; #2’s replacement turns out to be a raging alcoholic who can’t stop himself from drinking even while onAntabuse, so most of his 3 wks here were spent puking his guts out and passing out on the men’s room floor, etc. etc.ad nauseum).
    I keep myself from seppuku by telling myself that at least Ihave a job. A great spouse and crazy wonderful kid help, too.

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