The NOLA Freeze Of 2010

I realize the hard freeze here ain’t squat compared to conditions elsewhere BUT to say that we’re unprepared for it is an understatement. My business is in an historic building with shaky wiring and a heating system that works sporadically at best when the water temperature is 40 degrees or lower, which almost never happens here. I just learned these details on Friday from the guy who came out to “fix” my unit. Nobody involved with the building who knows these details was around so it’s around 40-45 in here because anything other than an eeny weeny space heater will either blow out the fuses or be a fire hazard. So, we’re open part days, running the new space heater overnight to protect the computer system and keeping our fingers crossed.

That was more than I planned to say. My original plan was link to a post by my good friend and fellow NOLA blogger, Mark Folse. Mark lived in the frozen North for some 13 years: Fargo to be specific. And even Mark is freezing his ass off because our buildings are designed for summer and not winter. Anyway, it’s time for you to payMark a visit at Toulouse Street.

6 thoughts on “The NOLA Freeze Of 2010

  1. Had a mild scare Saturday morning when pipes supplying the kitchen and laundry closet froze…fortunately, they didn’t crack or burst and with portable heaters was able to thaw them.
    Was trying not to run the tap in the kitchen sink because at a slow drip it leaks into the cabinet below. But…have it running at more than a slow drip now.
    I hate wasting water, but would hate waiting for a plumber AND paying through the nose even worse.
    Also had to bump up the thermostat to 68 degrees. My water and utility bills are going to be sky high. Ugh.

  2. it takes a while for pipes to burst i think. had a frozen kitchen sink. had to get a pro to clear it, but no bursting after days. 2 heaters didn’t help either, so, it would need over a week of under 20f i bet.

  3. My grandparents’ pipes froze overnight during a cold snap in late 80s down here in Houston – they lost their dining room ceiling and had to have the whole room redone, furniture refinished… It doesn’t take much. (and their house was maybe 10 years old at the time…)

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