Teabaggers Under Siege?

Today on Tea Party Nation Email Paranoia Theatre:

over the last 36 hours, our site has been attacked by liberals. They
have joined en masse, coming on the site to offend, disrupt and
interfere as much as they can. They have uploaded inappropriate
content, sent us obscene messages and even uploaded pornographic images.

We are taking steps to correct these problems. We
want to take this opportunity to thank those who have become members of
Tea Party Nation in the last few days. Before our site was assaulted,
our growth had been phenomenal. Our precautions are going to slow our
growth, but ultimately will keep TPN the site that you want it to be.

OMG, pinko porn. I wonder what it consists of? Ferret love? Moose and squirrel nookie? I suspect that the obscene messages have been of the more prosaic “fuck you and the horse you rode in” on sort.

There’s just something about the teabaggers that makes me think of the classic Kinks LPMuswell Hillbillies. It’s chock-full-o-great populist Ray Davies songs that lament urban “renewal” that resulted in decay and the small minded bureaucrats who were behind it. One of the best numbahs (as a friend of mine likes to call tunes) is about a guy who has theAcute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues:

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6 thoughts on “Teabaggers Under Siege?

  1. Oh my I wore the heck out of that album, also played in a band as a kid and we played Muswell Hillbilly and Holiday.

  2. To ask the obvious question – if porn images were uploaded to their site, how do they know it is the work of lib-ruls instead of teenaged trolls?
    Kind of loose with the facts aren’t we? Thou shalt not bear false witness? Making false legal accusations?

  3. Love Muswell Hillbillies. Need to listen to it again. Or maybe I just did. Can’t tell anymore. It’s those bleedin’ teabaggers with their chazerai, I tell ya…driving me nuts.

  4. Both albums do, Kenosha Kid. It was Ray’s thematic obsession for a time after they bulldozed parts of his old neighborhood, Muswell Hill.

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