2 thoughts on “What Gets Brian Williams Excited

  1. You could have knocked me over with a wet noodle when I saw MacGwire admitting that he used steroids, and wasn’t naturally that muscle bound. Why I felt so sure that he had merely found a great diet and exercise program to become such a muscle bound slugger. Damn, that felt so horrible, after literally trusting that man with everything I hold dear.
    Ok, let’s get serious here. Anyone who still doesn’t realize that MacGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriquez, etc. were abusing illegal drugs in order to balloon themselves into muscle monsters probably also thinks the current fav in St. Louis, also abnormally muscle bound, got that way by eating right and living right. I think we know what a normal athlete looks like, so when we see an obviously abnormal one, we know how that happened.
    Now that the most serious story of the year has been discussed enough, let’s move on to the secondary stories, like the probable failure by Congress to pass a real Health Care reform bill, the coming multi-billion dollar “bonuses” to be handed out to those who nearly destroyed the world’s economy, the fact that the middle class has pretty well been destroyed by the Republicans, with some assistance by Democrats, the idiotic “mission” we are on in Afghanistan, and perhaps another dozen fiascoes underway, but rarely reported on by the media.

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