5 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. I gave to Red Cross and Partners in Health. I just saw a piece on Maddow on the latter PiH and I’m glad I gave to them. Sounds like a great organization and I’d highly recommend it

  2. Donate blood if you are O Neg (Red Cross).
    PlayFree Rice – money is donated to feed the poor for every correct word you identify.
    Check outthis thread at MetaFilter for ideas on volunteering.
    Contact your congresscritter and DEMAND he/she supportJubilee Act for Responsible Lending and Expanded Debt Cancellation (HR 4405) that will forgive debt. No loans, it must be forgiveness.
    Sell some of the crap in your basement/garage/attic that you can live without. Hey, it doesn’t cost a nickel to advertise it on craigslist.
    And like in New Orleans, remember that Haiti will need help for years to come, not just today or tomorrow.

  3. gyma-
    I think one unforeseen benefit of all the text donations is because the delay in those getting “turned into money” there will be millions in donations coming in 6 weeks or so after the first rush of outside interest.

  4. Doctors without Borders. They have people (volunteers) on the ground. http://doctorswithoutborders.org/
    A pastor is asking people in my city for donations of blankets, clothes and canned food. I think it is likely doing more harm than good for each small-town preacher to rent a cargo plane to fly beenie weenies to the people of Haiti, given the logistical problems, but I guess I am a cynic.

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