Friday Catblogging: Yummy

A friend of mine gave us some ground deer meat from which we made burgers. Sorry to any vegetarians or vegans out there but they were amazing. Oscar and Della went into beggar mode immediately. Della Street usually doesn’t like human food except for cheese but she went wild for this. Note the extended pink, sandpapery tongue:


8 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Yummy

  1. Good kitties. Also thanks for posting the link to the Katrina diary…will look at it later–went and saw Willie Nelson at HOB…ah, almost as sweet as venison burgers.

  2. I like how Oscar’s up on his hind legs as if to say, “Dude, I willspeak perfect English out loud if you fork over some of that tasty meat.”

  3. My two cats (Klondike and Fisher) will not eat wet food, unless it is EVO Venison, which is too expensive. I think the venison is so appealing to them because it reinforces what they believe their position in the food chain to be (tops). While they are eating it I imagine them thiking, “Yeah, I could totally take one these down. If he ever let me out of the house.”

  4. mmmmm, a deer burger is the shiznit…for real. I had a venison steak and had it on a plate on the counter as I was getting ready to get the grill going for it. Came back into the kitchen and my dog was sitting, staring at the plate on the counter and wagging, wagging her tail for all she could. It was hilarious. She knew that was what she was born for. Good thing she’s a jack russell and too short to be a counter surfer, or that steak woulda been gone.

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