8 thoughts on “Caprica Thread

  1. I liked it okay enough. When I first saw BSG, I only liked it just enough to stick with it. It didn’t blow me away right off the bat.
    BTW, EJ Olmos says ‘The Plan’ isn’t the last BSG project.

  2. I think I’m gonna hang with it for a while, see where it goes.
    EJ Olmos says ‘The Plan’ isn’t the last BSG project.
    As long as they don’t do another glorified clip-show I’m cool with that.

  3. LOL. I watched this last night and was all like “Meh”. But I watched because of all your great posts on BSG which I never saw but enjoyed your writings and emotions surrounding the show. So, if you felt some low level grumblings aimed in your direction, they were from me. However, if’n you’re going to stick with this sci-fi soap opera for a bit, I will too. Dammit, I wanna be one of the kewl kids! Though I did get bonus cool mom points yesterday for knowing Mass Effect2 was coming out on Tuesday, so YAY me and thank FSM for the geeks at Balloon Juice who clued me in LOL.
    (Please son’t link to things I have to register to read, kthnxbai.)

  4. Well, the biggest problem is that they had 30 minutes worth of plot for a two-hour episode. And that’s not a stellar idea when you’ve got new characters.

  5. Ah ha, I thought it was the dvd pilot. Now I can zap it off my dvr and make space. I thought it was good enough to give a chance to.

  6. I only got through the first 45 minutes before I had to attend to family stuff, but I liked what I saw enough to watch the rest of it the next chance I get to plop down in front of the TV set.

  7. I rented the dvd when it came out and thought it was ok, but not great. It was right after BSG finished, and I was jonesing. Watched Caprica again last night and liked it a bit better. I’ll watch the series for a few weeks and see if I get hooked.

  8. I’ll go along–there are things I think have some tremendous potential.
    That said, I have to ask: If Eric Stoltz is such a frakking genius, why on earth is he putting a rebellious teenaged religious fanatic in charge of a killing machine?
    Srsly, dude, that ranks up there with electing Dubya on the “Stupidest Ideas EVER” scale.

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