Saturday Blogwhoring Thread


Post away. The baby seal says it’s fine.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. pansypoo says:

    more of the same. tho pre-WW2 europe photos. i started posting the grand tour photos i got at an estate sale eons ago.

  2. Linkmeister says:

    Suggested health care reformtalking points when you call your Senators and Congresspeople to exhort them to Pass.The.Damn.Bill.

  3. jeffrey says:

    Tell ’em how we gonna come
    Also Prince. LOL
    Also also Lil Waye WTF

  4. missy says:

    In case you’re still looking for somewhere to donate for Haiti, and you want to get something for your Valentine, I’m givingPartner’s in Health (Dr. Paul Farmer‘s organization) 100% of the proceeds from sales atmy etsy shop through the end of the month.
    I’ve raised $507 so far – a drop in the bucket, but it’s the only way I can think of to help, and can’t afford to give them much on my own.

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