13 thoughts on “Voo Dat

  1. That was a dubious win, but by golly after 43 years I ain’t gonna be choosy.
    Finish Strong!

  2. …I’m better now, but I was actually crying for a moment about half an hour ago. Over a football game, for Heaven’s sake. I’ve only done that once before, four years ago, when my Seahawks clinched the NFC championship to make it to their first Super Bowl (the outcome of which, of course, has led me to assign both the officiating crew in Super Bowl XL and my once-beloved Pittsburg Steelers to positions just above the Raiders and the Cowboys in the eighth circle of Dante’s imagined Hell)…
    But, still, this was so much more than just a football game for New Orleans, which is probably why I let it all go as the kick went through the uprights. Enjoy the night, Asdrastos, and know that there are more fans of a host of NFC teams than you could possibly imagine who will be all in and fully “Who Dat” two weeks from tonight…

  3. Asdrastos, congrats to you, Saints fans everywhere, and to the Saints. You all know my love for the Vikings, so this is a tough, tough night for me, but if they had to lose to someone, the Saints would be my choice. Something about that team just makes me smile, and hey, lets get Drew Brees some respect finally.
    Now, please go make Peyton Manning cry.

  4. One more thing. I shed a few tears myself thinking about my friend Ashley Morris and how *thrilled* he would have been tonight. I know all his friends and family feel likewise.

  5. Considering the Saints’ game plan entire game plan as described by Darren Sharper was “beat the tar out of the old man and see if you can cripple him so badly he finally retires for good,” I ain’t rooting for them. Ever.

  6. Favre’s an older quarterback – quarterbacks get HIT if their peeps aren’t blocking. It’s not like OUR SAINTS targeted some elder gentleman who didn’t know he was at risk… Jeeebus AITCH aaaaargh, deal with it.

  7. Well, if that old geezer would quit being a dog in the manger for his own self-satisfaction, maybe I wouldn’t be so happy that the Saints won last night, still.
    Then I go back and look at what happened to my ‘Boys the week before, and, well … naah.
    Archie Manning played for New Orleans. Bum Phillips coached for New Orleans. They’ve been host city for four Super Bowls, there in the Dome, and never gotten to root for their own team in one — until now.
    Who dat, who dat, who dat?
    Look, Brett. Give it up already. Go take Terry Bradshaw’s spot on the announcer crew. Bradshaw’s been peakedy-looking for weeks now. Lemme tell ya, hoss, next year there’s gonna be a *lot* of guys like McCrae and Ayodele in the backfield with ya. You’re not busted up like a lot of quarterbacks; you got out while you still had all your faculties ‘n joints intact. So, yeah, it sucks to have your last pass be a pick, but it wasn’t a pick six, was it? And you went all game without a sack, and you proved you still got game if you are older than dirt. But now’s the time to let it go, man. While you still *got* game.
    So, dude. Man up. Coach somewhere. Announce somewhere. Save your knees and your back and your skull — you’re gonna need ’em, 20 years from now.

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