Great Moments in Journalism #314,159

I almost died last Friday. I won’t bore you with details, but it involved soap, a shower curtain, a razor, and NPR. See, Scott Horsley was covering theObama visit to Colorado to stump for Michael Bennet, and produced this little gem as I was engaged in my morning ablutions:

“One woman at the Bennet fundraiser held a sign with the number ’51’ on it — as if to say, the party that had a 60-vote lock on the Senate several weeks ago, will now feel fortunate to hold onto a bare majority.”

Seriously. I think you can understand the near-death experience now, can’t you? The only thing missing was Anthony Perkins in drag. All I know is I ended up on the bathroom floor with half the shower curtain wrapped around me, a bar of soap embedded in the ceiling, and a cat looking down at me with an expression that read, “You just had to listen to NPR. When will you learn?”

Now’s your chance to play! What do you think Scott would make of this sign?

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6 thoughts on “Great Moments in Journalism #314,159

  1. It means they want Obama to reunite Speech, Montsho Eshe, One Love, Tasha Larae, Rasadon (aka Don Norris), Baba Oje, JJ Boogie, and Za. Then they will tour the country, laying down smooth rhymes from the ATL.
    He can do that with his magical ability to be responsible for every black person in the country.
    And, really, who wouldn’t want to hear them rap again?

  2. Pansy, I have come to the conclusion that Dems in Washington are doing exactly what their corporate overlords have ordered them to do: play the Washington Generals to the GOP’s Harlem Globetrotters. The only other rational alternative is that the Dems are spineless, incompetent weasels. Either way, we’re all screwed.

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