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Youngster giving Wiis to seniors

A Christmas trip to visit his great-grandmother in a nursing home
sparked an ongoing service project for 10-year-old Lorenzo Little.

His trip to Heartsong Nursing Home in Belleville left an impression.

“(Residents) always look so bored,” the Janesville boy said.

“So I thought that at home, if I enjoyed my Wii, why wouldn’t they enjoy a Wii?” he said.

He talked with his parents, Greg and April, about his idea during the car ride home.

With their help, Lorenzo’s goal is to raise money to put Nintendo
Wii gaming systems in as many area assisted living and senior centers
as possible. The “Elder-Wii Project” already has raised enough money to
buy and deliver one Wii to the Heartsong Nursing Home.

Lorenzo started by calling family and friends to explain his project and seek donations.

“I ended with about $300 in a month,” he said.

He’s also been a guest on The Stan Milam Show on WCLO radio and has a Facebook fan group with more than 150 fans.

Lorenzo delivered the Wii to his great-grandmother’s nursing home
last month and showed her how to bowl and box on the gaming system.

He’s raised more than $600, and a second Wii soon will be delivered
to a yet-to-be announced senior home in the area. He’s working on plans
for his third donation.

Lorenzo and his parents are planning fundraisers to start in spring.
GameStop in the Janesville Mall is working with the family to supply
the Wiis.


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  1. just visiting kitten + puppies. i happened to be at my gradma’s when a nurse had a kitten. some of the elderly looked so happy to hold it. my grandma holding one.

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