Your Modern Political Media

The man who runs this thing has a spot on the Pulitzer board, everybody:

Obama earned nearly universal praise for his performance at the
House Republicans’ annual retreat in Baltimore last month, when he
abandoned precedent and let the TV cameras capture his 1½-hour exchange
with GOP lawmakers.

This time, the president
won’t have the advantages of a lectern, a raised stage or a single
camera trained on him the entire time, but he has proved more adept on
the fly than all but a few politicians in recent memory. So Democrats
are exceedingly confident that their man will own the room. But is
there a chance they’re too confident?


3 thoughts on “Your Modern Political Media

  1. WTF. A C-Span discussion of health care could end up like Geraldo opening Al Capone’s vault? Not everything is a fucking game. I work with a young woman who is about to go off her parents health insurance and she has seizures. She’s either going to be uninsurable for life because of a pre-existing condition or she can stay on her parents health insurance under the new plan, which will also have protections for her down the road.
    It’s like she’s on the fucking clock with this shit. Congress either passes the bill before she’s off her parents insurance this summer or she’s fucked.

  2. Anyone who watched today’s meeting with an open mind would re-register as a Democrat. And, anyone wanting to challenge Obama for the Democratic nomination for president in 2012 must surely be certifiably insane. It was an excellent display of an outstanding President comfortably working at his job, showing the Repubs as what they are – pond scum.

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