Wrong About Everything

Truly, at this point, when some Hot Young Conservative Thing comes out with accusations that some Big Liberal Institution is engaging in Scandalous Wrongdoing, don’t you start to say “possibly we should consider whether you are completely full of shit until you prove you are not?” Instead of the other way around?

Example one: Book claiming Muslims are in ur Congress, pwning ur n00bs 4 jihad, turns out to have been coauthored by total anti-Muslim squirrel nut with an agenda to push and is also basically just about how some Muslims work in the Capitol, quelle horreur. The Congresswoman who wrote the foreword and praised the book and loved all over its authors is now all, “Who? Never heard of him.”

But when confronted by some of Gaubatz’s past inflammatory statements — particularly that Islam
is a
“terminal disease that once spread is hard to destroy” — Myrick said
she did not agree, later claiming that he did not even write the book
that bears his name.

“The book was written by Paul Sperry, who is very well respected
journalist,” Myrick told one questioner, according to audio of the
event obtained by TPMmuckraker.

(For the record, Sperry is a WorldNetDaily contributor who oncecalled on America to “force-feed Taliban clerics pork rinds until they give up [Osama bin Laden’s] location.”

Example two: Fucking Breitbart, fucking James O’Keefe and fucking ACORN. God, this one makes me crazy. Blackwater has MURDERED PEOPLE ON OUR DIME, and we’re all, “Hey, don’t do that again, okay? And change your name.” Meanwhile, some jackass dresses up a girl like a whore and pretends to be her pimp, literally not a soul is hurt, and everybody in Congress falls all over themselves to disband an organization that has helped far, far, far more people than anybody in Congress has ever thought about helping.

(People who most members of Congress would speed past waving off their “Will Work 4 Food” signs, being all, “No, I don’t want my windshield cleaned, you fucking dirtbag, go get a job.” Those are the Democratic members of Congress, by the way. The Republicans would try to run them over.)

So now, months later, turns out that the videos were doctored, nobody did anything wrong, O’Keefe’s going to jail probably, but ACORN’s mostly destroyed and Congress is all, “Who? Never heard of them. Apology? Why should we apologize? Restore funding? Wouldn’t think of it. After all, I’m sure they must have done something wrong. They were near some black people once.”

walks back claims of “criminality” by ACORN

In a
March 2 Twitter post, Breitbartwrote:

ACORN tapes were less about ‘criminality’ than facility with which
employees all knew how to work system for any lowlife wanting govmnt $.

God forbid, after all, that any system benefit some “lowlife.” God forbid anyone help you navigate that system when your house is too small or your job is too pathetic or your kids are too sick for you to handle “working the system” for yourself. I realize it is not news that these people are scumbags but I feel like at some point it’s going to stop taking my breath away, how horrible they are, and I’m always surprised when it doesn’t. People think I’m cynical but I’m really not.

Maybe at this point we can finally start saying to ourselves that these
Young Republican Activist Hotnesses live to engage in cheap
douchebaggery and gotcha nonsense about nothing that will ever hurt a single soul. Maybe after they’ve been wrong about everything, over and over and over again, maybe after it’s been demonstrated that not a single one of their explosive iTeam reports has led to anything but their supporters having egg all over their faces, maybe after the benefit of the doubt has been extended time after time after time to these rich assholes and never to the people who are the targets of their frat-house antics, we can start to say you know, let’s try something else this time. Something fresh. Something new.

Let’s try assuming that the kind of people who would do this shit are full of crap from the start, and save ourselves the embarrassment later.


12 thoughts on “Wrong About Everything

  1. Sorry, boss, but you know the drill:
    Upper-middle- to upper-class white folks are real Americans. Everyone else is stealing from them. When the put-upon saviors of humanity go out to expose the wrongdoing of our swarthier brethren, even if they’re completely and utterly full of shit, they’re still doing God’s good work.
    Clearly, Blackwater isn’t an issue, as they haven’t shot any white Americans. They can’t be doing anything wrong. But registering black people to vote? Son of a bitch. That’s one step away from the Nation of Islam running this motherfucker. And we just can’t have that.

  2. these folks are scum, true and they should be derided and denounced.
    But they get away with it because most of the media pretends they are just “the other team,” not they lying thieving scumbags they are. If everyone in the Democratic party, not to mention the rest of the country, looked to TPM, Media Matters, and other online watchdogs, that would help. But they don’t. They pay attention to what the corporate tv news shoves in front of them.
    I do not give a flying f*ck about who the conservative nut jobs/agents provacateurs really are or whether they really think what they’re saying is true. I am enraged because they are knowingly and expertly exploiting the lack of objectivity in the news media, coupled with the ever-growing idiocracy.
    They do what they do mostly because they can get away with it.

  3. Sperry is a WorldNetDaily contributor who once called on America to “force-feed Taliban clerics pork rinds until they give up [Osama bin Laden’s] location.”
    And this guy is the “respected journalist” co-author as opposed to the “anti-Muslim nutcase” co-author. Got it.
    I also love how evolutionary biology and global climate change “AREN’T PROVEN!!1!” and all the evidence for them is part of a massive liberal conspiracy, but any single Republican operative can make any bizarre accusation* in the face of tons of evidence to the contrary, and the “SEE! we always KNEW IT!!” screeching never dies down.
    I honestly do not get it.
    *Whitewater, Vince Foster murdered for having an affair with lesbian Hilary Clinton, the crack pipe Christmas tree, Al Gore said he invented the internet, John Kerry shot himself with a grenade launcher to get out of Vietnam, the backwards “B”…

  4. Don’t forget Lucianne Goldberg’s greatest hit, “John Kerry has a seekrit genetic disease and will die in office111!!”
    Horrible creature.

  5. Owners of newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, and just about every other person of influence in the news business is focused on accumulating more money. Accumulating more money is hampered by having to pay income taxes. One political party can always be counted on to reduce income taxes on those who make lots of money.
    Put those little facts together and they explain why a smear job against any Democratic institution has legs, while any factual story about corruption in the Republican ranks only merits two lines on the obituary page.
    Now, if you acknowledge that most US Senators are in office primarily to help themselves in their own accumulating of money, and you can better understand why ACORN was savaged and Blackwater was ignored.
    Follow the money trail – everything seems to be at the end of that trail.

  6. ” Maybe after they’ve been wrong about everything, over and over and over again”
    You’d think they’d grow up. Oh, they do, and become Bill Kristol.

  7. I am enraged because they are knowingly and expertly exploiting the lack of objectivity in the news media,
    I think that they are exploiting a forced “balance” and expecting “the other side” to do the work for them. By that they don’t feel it is they job anymore to point out the lack of credibility of right-wing nuts either in the story or BEFORE the story is even written.
    They WANT to write the story, it is sexy, but if someone forces them to acknowledge the fact that the right-wing speaker is a lying, racist, sexist pig they sometimes do, but gentlly because they don’t want to get yelled at as ‘the liberal media.”
    Note this week’s Salon where they Joan is responding to a video attacking Salon for calling out Breitbart.

  8. the media has no grasp of perspective.
    and they put square pegs into squarish holes + think it’s good enough. werk is soooooo hard + sheople just do not appreciate them enough. how do i look on teevee?

  9. It’s always been about ratfucking. The College Republicans practice their tradecraft on each other in college, and then go out into the real world to do the same thing to Democrats because it’s become second nature to them.
    Scratch some of the veneer off a Karl Rove and you’ll find a Donald Segretti. Scratch a James O’Keefe and you’ll find a Ralph Reed.
    It’s been this way for more than forty years, and you’d think thateveryone in the press would have figured it out by now. But, in every case, the press gets hoodwinked because they treat each instance assui generis, rather than seeing the very long history behind the practice.

  10. the bullshit never ends…deeper thicker…at Mom’s who is watching Fox…I want to throw a brick at the TV…it is unreal…and they have her hoodwinked…I quote “Poor Sarah Palin”…
    [drinks straight vodka]

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