9 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Oscar and the Kid

  1. “After injecting the young human with soporific venom, the Striped Rotund Fursnake digests its prey by absorbing it slowly through its hidden belly-mouth…”

  2. “OooooOOOoffff!” I miss the Supreme Oscar Being! My GrisGris is having to suffice and also suffer (her words) my adding “OoooOOOoofff!” to her vocabulary. πŸ™‚

  3. My little guy has yet to learn fully that calm and stillness will bring our big orange cat baby to his lap…but it’s been 7 years. It’ll take just as long for the cat to come over to him just to say hi at this rate…

  4. My Zorro is ~16-17 pounds of big black cat, but he has these ridiculously dainty little paws. When he settles in, he’s a big comfy purrmuffin, but prior to him actually sitting down, it is like being walked on by an anvil in stiletto heels.

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