Deep Tan Thought

What is it with some Republicans and their tans? I just saw McCain’s challenger J.D. Hayworth onRachel Maddowand he seems to be emulating Leader Boner and Charlie Crist. Are they admirers of tanning gods George Hamilton and Zonker Harris or are they poster boys for melanoma? I’m confused and wonder if I should reach for a can-o-tan so I can be orange too…


12 thoughts on “Deep Tan Thought

  1. I couldn’t get past the serial killer grin to notice the tan. He looks like a guy that would be standing over you when you wake up in the middle of the night.
    Rachel owned him. I watched it 3 times. God he freaks me out.

  2. It’s a way to avoid excessive studio pancake makeup…or perhaps it IS the studio pancake makeup…or the supposed mark of a “manly man” is a tan…

  3. I saw one of those gold-hawking guys with the same thing the other night and I was wondering if it’s some secret signal to the (presumably, because otherwise it would come off) unwashed that they’re believers in the power of the gold standard or something.
    Ah, for the days whenthe right made fun of John Kerry for his orange tan!

    Vice President Dick Cheney told supporters to look for the people with dark orange shirts.
    When Cheney paused as if searching for the words to describe the shade of orange, Lynne Cheney said, “How about John Kerry’s suntan?”
    The remark drew a big laugh from the crowd and the vice president.

  4. The simple explanation is jealousy. Those Repubs are insanely jealous of African Americans, and will do anything to try to get “the look”. “The look”, of course, implies superior physical skills, and a significant specific physical superiority, which should be easy to guess.

  5. Perhaps skin cancer and global warming are related?
    If you hide from the sun, it proves that global warming is happening?

  6. Boner is still recovering from being called a “person of color” at the DC Correspondents Dinner — “not a color seen in nature.”

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