If Teabaggers Ran the World

Newspaper commenters. These people don’t vote, do they?

If you really want to bring down the cost of law enforcement then start
with the judicial system. Kill the plea bargaining…mandate full term
incoseration…forget the good behavior stuff…dump the technicality
BS… Keep the bad guys in jail and stop the need to
re-arrest…re-arrest…re-arrest crapola! Then watch the need for more
policing go down.

Great! Now if we only get the 500,000 federal, state, county, city
township laws reduced to a reasonable size as well. Throw out all the
laws since 1865; dump 80% of the lawyers; and start over with a maximum
limit to laws. Today’s legal system it rediculous!

“If a perp pulls ANY type of deadly weapon on you and attempts to use
it against you and he is able to tell anyone about it or do it again to
someone else another day you will be immediately terminated.”
Everything else will take care of itself.

Civics educations. We haz dem.


13 thoughts on “If Teabaggers Ran the World

  1. Wow! Any one of these ideas would increase costs considerably.
    e.g., Keep folks in jail – that way they have absolutely no chance of paying taxes and a 100% chance that they will require large sums of money from the govt.

  2. Not only do these pipple vote, they also have driver’s licences (judging by the amount of rampant stupidity and ignorance I witnessed while on the road today)… And some of them work for big stores that display sheeyat on sale that they no longer stock…and wonder why I stalk off muttering.
    I just popped a St. John’s Wort capsule…I might be able to survive ‘teh stoopit’ for the rest of the afternoon. Unless my client really starts at it again.

  3. We should feel honored to be able to read the writings of the author of the Republican Party Platform. I say No bell prize for this guy!

  4. Ouch! My brain! I think I lost a couple of IQ points just reading those comments.

  5. dump all laws since 1865?? Wow… that’s some serious nostalgia.

  6. Isn’t the third one really saying that a victim of violent crime should be executed for letting the perpetrator get away?

  7. Drunken Hausfrau,
    Don’t forget, 1865 was the end of the Civil War. Wonder if there is some association here?
    I would have thought that they would have tagged the year to the Emancipation Proclomation.

  8. Jon G: Yep, commenter number three does not limit his/her bloodlust to criminals, apparently. But he/she does introduce an interesting theory: without victims, can there be any crimes?

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