Rather than believing that this blind pig suddenly found an ear of
corn, my guess is that the Dick Whisperer put his finger to the wind
and sensed thatHCR is going to pass. Since
he always wants to sit at the cool kids’ table in the cafeteria, he’s
started to lay the foundation for the inevitable “I saw it coming”
piece that will allow him to play reindeer games with the Democrats.

Which isn’t so different from anyone else, really: People like winning.

If I haven’t written about the ins and outs of HCR this week, it’s mainly that a) we’ve already established that the bill is far less than what we need but better than nothing so fucking get it done already so we can start talking about fixing it to become what we need and b) the debate has started to become a Suffering Contest in which I have no interest in participating.

So far the major point of interest for me is one of strategy: Fuck the Republicans for whining about process because their entire worldview for the past 30 years has been that no one cares about process and for what it’s worth they’ve beenright.

Political nerds, which make up exactly less than an effective percentage of the electorate, care about how something gets done. Everybody else just wants the flipping garage painted and doesn’t care if you use a sprayer or a paint stick or a brush. Just paint the garage already.


10 thoughts on “Weathermen

  1. Better store up on the KY Jelly, if Obama care passes, we’ll need it to lubricate the ole “poop shoot!” Unless it’s rationed. Hopefully you will share in paying off the national debt with all of the $$$ you make on your blog.?????

  2. The procedure being discussed for use in passing the HCR bill in the house was used over 35 times by the House the last time the Repubs controlled it – 2005-06. It was determined to be constitutional by the courts when Democrats challenged one use of it. That settles the issue, as it should. Remember, the Constitution gives Congress the authority to set its own rules.
    Please, God, whomever you are, please get this settled before next Monday. A whole year has been spent on this now, so surely that is sufficient time for a decision to be made.

  3. Sure, pass the Romneycare bill and get it behind you. Maybe the bad taste will have worn off by November.

  4. Unfortunately, once reconciled (?correct word?), we’ll need the next bill to shore up the more gaping holes.
    My hope is that the dems now see that the repubs have no intention of working together. If the repubs ever do want to work together, they should be welcomed. But so far, …

  5. I really wish you folks would acknowledge that there is a real potential that this ends very badly.
    Pumping billions of dollars into the insurance industry and passing a very flawed bill that will be extremely costly to many Americans in it’s early years could end very badly. You may well see a situation where insurance companies have too much money to be reigned in, and where the Democratic party is so discredited on this issue that the American people don’t trust them to fix the problem they caused. You know these subsidies aren’t enough to cover costs. You know this insurance is unlikely to be effectual when people attempt to use it. Even it’s supporters rely on the notion that people will be so upset with the bad parts that they will force fixes in it later. That is a very dangerous game to play and we could very well end up with a system that’s even worse than the one we have.
    Just once I’d like the Ezra Klein’s and Matt Yglesias’s of the world to acknowledge that possibility.

  6. No, pansy poo, it does not kill private insurance for profit. Not by a long damn shot. It REQUIRES BY LAW that you BUY the fucking stuff, but there’s nothing in this bill to make the goddamned purveyors of insurance actually COVER you.
    Dennis the K broke my heart when he caved on this crap. You’d think I’d love me some Neugebauer for saying no, but no, because that scumsucker’s saying no to make his Rethug buds happy, not because he’s got clue one under the blue clear sky what the hell the problems with this POS bill really ARE, dammit. The Senate version SUCKS, and is a BAILOUT for big insurance, and we really should trash that.
    HR 676 would be far, far better. Alan Grayson’s Medicare Buy In for Everybody amendment is a must, if this shit-fired excuse for “reform” does pass.
    And I personally hope that every last one of the Democrats who scraped “single payer” off the table before the debate even started last year gets kicked the hell out of Congress this fall.
    That is all.

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