An ℞ of My Own re: The Health Care Debate


You know, I’d prefer that the debate be on the merits of the bill; however, at this point the only people who seem to think the Republicans are demonstrating even an iota of good faith are your contemporary press corpse, who dutifully repeat every Rethug charge without ever bothering to do the sort ofbasic research on whether a particular procedural matter is routine or not. The sort of research someone can do while participating in an online chat.

Well, fine: if they want to act like that, and if they want to defend the old ways, then Thorazine for the lot of them…

Of course, once you start fighting fire with fire, the press immediately rises to declare, with much umbrage, that “the debate” has become negative on “both sides,” thus insulating THEM from that harshest of charge, that of being “librul,” which might not only serve as a career detour, but, even worse, might mean fewer invites to swank D.C. parties in happening neighborhoods like Adams-Morgan.

Wouldn’t want that to happen.

3 thoughts on “An ℞ of My Own re: The Health Care Debate

  1. Izzy Stone said that he didn’t go to parties, didn’t schmooze with people, and he still found lots of things to write about, largely by doing the scut work–comparing the government’s actions to what was said, to what actually ended up in the Federal Register and the Congressional Record, etc.
    What makes the Village the Village is the extent to which the press, for lack of a better phrase, fraternizes with the enemy.
    We wouldn’t be seeing one or more of the Bozo Triumvirate (McCain, Lieberman, Graham) on televisionevery fuckin’ weekend if it weren’t for the press being pals with them. After all, McCain brought `em all to Sedona for a Sunday barbecue and drniks and an afternoon of sexist jokes. Theyowe him, y’know.
    Can’t think of a better example of what’s wrong with the press than the leg-humping the press gives those three circle-jerking midgets, as if they’re the Three Wise Men and that their opinions reflect those of the rest of the country.

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