Our Parents Do More Drugs Than We Do: Caprica Thread



What bugged me aboutBSG and continues to bug me with Zoë,
though, is that while her methods are correct, her real/fake judgment
is wrong. It’s a false analogy. Like Stephin Merritt explains aboutmusic, electric distortion synthesizer music and live acoustic recordings are the exact same amount of lie. One of them justseems more legit. And what I’ve never seen — except in the Eights, and maybe Gaius at the end — is anybody grasp that fact. I’mknown to rant about it
myself, but it seems integral to Zoë’s scarier ideas (and Barnabas’s
even moreso) that she cannot grasp the fact that “nature” is a scam.
That the infinite variety of the Matrix isn’t any faker than the
infinite variety of the Twelve Worlds — just a newer and more
malleable version of the reality to which she always clung. As the
noted philosopher Courtney Love says, the key is to fake it so real
that we’re beyond fake: Pow! Clarice and Tammy are down with that,
clearly, but Zoë and Barnabas seem to find it sticky, and that’s
already presenting as a problem.

This used to drive me wild when I was younger, mostly because I was working so fucking hard, but people would constantly say, “When you get out in the real world …” They meant when I graduated college, I think, or got a higher-paying job or moved out of my psycho singleton apartment or whatever, but it drove me absolutely nuts. Your world may not look like my world but it’s still REAL, what I do in my life still matters, and by the way, fuck you. Because it’s all the real world. It’s all one thing. This makes me
fucking crazy. It’s all the world. We’re all people in it. We don’t
speak separate languages and dividing us into camps is stupid. You are not from Mars and she is not from Venus. We all live in the real world.

High school, college, your parents’ house, red states, blue states, I have friends that think I’m still not in the real world (as I sit here poking 40 with a short stick, with a mortgage) because I don’t have kids and a yard and I bike to work, I mean, you can’t win. And I’ve
never heard anyone say anything prefaced with “Well, in the real world
…” that wasn’t the most utterly condescending, vile, pathetic excuse
to suck. If what you mean is, “Your life is fake because you’re making choices I want to make but feel I can’t because I am a giant pussy, and that makes me ashamed of myself so allow me to distance myself by saying we live on separate planets,” you should just say that, and stop saying things that are insane.

This show is aggressively reconnecting me with my inner judgmental pissed-off 19-year-old, and I’m not sure everyone would consider that a good thing, but I sort of feel like she was my Best Chick, so I’m going with it for the purposes of these threads.

About that show.

5 thoughts on “Our Parents Do More Drugs Than We Do: Caprica Thread

  1. More than once, watching this show, I’ve thought of this:
    They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
    They may not mean to, but they do.
    They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra, just for you.

    Philip Larkin – This Be The Verse
    Tonight, it was this that I flashed on:
    You say my time here has been some sort of joke
    That I’ve been messing around
    Some sort of incubating period
    For when I really come around
    I’m cracking up
    And you have no idea

    Martha Wainwright – Bloody Motherfucking Asshole
    1. Despite the clue by four last week, I didn’t want to think Vergis would go after Amanda so quickly and obviously. Of course, I was wrong. These Taurons, so impatient. What? A whole week, and you’re not completely crazy yet? Okay, Your husband’s a murdering thief. How ’bout now?
    2. I’m telling you folks, Lacy can only take so much, and being the only disciple is a lot of pressure. Girl is going to explode.
    3. Jacob quoting Stephin Merritt is a redundacy of squee.
    4. $5 that Emmanuelle is Evelyn.

  2. Any interests in a death pool? What, me? morbid? Next week is the mid season finale, people! And we all know… they ain’t all gonna make it out. I would be floored if they didn’t kill someone off before the break. Caesar was just a teaser.
    These are NOT spoilers, just speculating. Some of you have NCAA brackets, the rest of us do do this…
    Top of my list: Barnabas, mostly because it was made public that Marsters only had a 3 or 4 episode arc. Which is too bad because he really hasn’t gotten to chew enough scenery yet. Closest to a sure bet.
    Next tier: Philomon or Keon. These poor cute boys are just means to an end. Because Philomon has more utility with his mad cylon maintenance skills that could come in handy in future, I’ll give Keon the bomb-builder the edge here.
    Bottom tier: Vergis, Clarice, Willie. The first two just because of proximity to Amanda craziness blowback and/or vengeance. Willie because of discrepancies with the BSG timeline and canon bio info, and also because there just has to be huge painful fallout for non-honor-related Tauron-on-Tauron killing and Willie is the closest thing to a puppy we’ve got left.
    But all three of these characters are too close to the main storyline axis, so it’s not as likely they’ll be airlocked soon.

  3. This show is aggressively reconnecting me with my inner judgmental pissed-off 19-year-old . .
    Or inner judgmental 17 year-old who’s moonlighting in roller derby, alaWhip It. Both the show and the movie hit this conflict between teen & parent with equal veracity. What happened to entertainment writers doing shitty teenage characters & situations?
    I’m getting impatient – you don’t tease me me with a hardcore grandma 3 episodes back and then conveniently forget her. I want Tsattie to cut a bitch.

  4. Nooooo, Virgo, they can’t kill off Tomas Vergis! Who will I have to daydream about during the off-season? I’m going with Barnabas because he’s the only “disposable” character who has made enough of a mark on the audience.
    Anyone else get the feeling that each episode is one or two behind where it should be intellectually and emotionally? I guess that’s the curse of any show that follows the flagship series.

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