Bart Got What He Wanted

Nothing of substance, of course:The current batshit insane law will be applied to any new things created, until such time as all Republicans stop calling Democrats babykillers, which will happen any old day now.

No, Bart got what he wanted, which was lots and lots and lots of attention. What a penile implant he is. Go run for president now, Bart. Go let Tweety suck you off. Go run back to your district, Bart, and talk about how you’re the epitome of principle and righteousness for holding out until the very last minute so that you could get your face on TV.

Seriously, this is the sweeping regulation of abortion he wanted? This? This is hardly some epic change to the status quo. It’s more along the lines of an IF YOU DIDN’T GET IT WE SUCK OKAY kind of explanation of existing law, which does absolutely nothing for anybody, least of all Bart.

If we took Bart Stupak at his word, and I see no reason not to, he wanted Barack Obama to pinky-swear that no dirty sluts would get abortions on his particular individual dime, I mean his physical dime. and he was willing to scuttle an entire domestic agenda to make that happen. And all he managed to do was get somebody to put on paper that we’re gonna do the thing we already do, some more.

So, great. Way to go, Bart. You know what awaits you now? Absolutely nothing. You’re some speaker at the Future Douchebags of America conference, a frequent guest on shows nobody watches for about two months. After that, you’re a fucking trivia answer. Your fifteen minutes of fame will be up in 5. More people will remember Lady Gaga in 10 years than will remember you, and she goes around without any pants on.



8 thoughts on “Bart Got What He Wanted

  1. Not to mention radio gaga and Queen. I’ve inquired about my weenie little congressman and he’s still a no vote. No surprise there.

  2. I may have to send Stupid’s primary opponent a few bucks. I haven’t been able to contribute to political campaigns for 30 years, but now that I’m retired from the actual news biz (not the faux MSM news biz) maybe I’ll start spreading my Social Security check around a little.

  3. I hate him so. More than I do Joe “Short Ride” Lieberman, and I didn’t think that was possible.

  4. Yeah yeah, every day I will squeeze my uterus and sling yet another christian’s dead ass into heaven. Every 28 days I’ll sling one of them along with tissue and a wasted egg right into God’s lap.
    Anything for the white christian male desperate to get his one-eyed winkie into a heavenly over stuffed sofa for all eternity. It’s my sole purpose of living and having the misfortune to being born female in America. Land of the penis screaming god. lol

  5. More people will remember Lady Gaga in 10 years than will remember you, and she goes around without any pants on.

    And annoying as she is, Lady G actually produces something worthwhile occasionally. Stupak? Not so much.
    And congrats on the Yglesias link…you’re turning into a pundit or something.

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