I meanWHOA:

Rove: “This thing is paid for with Bernie-Madoff-style accounting. … It’s a gigantic disaster.”

Plouffe: “Karl and the Republicans would be familiar with that.”

Rove: “You will bankrupt the country if this bill
passes. … For God’s sake, will you stop throwing around epitaphs
[sic] and deal with the facts for once, David? … We will fight the
election on this,. and the Democrats will have significant losses in
the House and Senate as a result of this bill.”

Plouffe: “If Karl and a lot of Republicans want to
call the election already, they ought to break out that ‘Mission
Accomplished’ banner.”

That’ll leave a mark.


6 thoughts on “WHOA

  1. When will you know this country is beginning to head in the right direction?
    When Turdblossom is finally frog marches into prison (general population please) for his many, many crimes against the Citizen. Not the least of which isthis one.
    Yet he is paid (highly) every week to spew his venom all over the Citizen’s airwaves. And how are we Citizens paid?
    I wish someone would leave real marks (a la Preston Brooks).

  2. It was Rove’s protege, George the Younger, who doubled an already large national debt in just eight years, through tax cuts for the rich, off-the-books war spending and huge increases in military spending.
    It was Darth Cheney who said, “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.”
    Now, all of a sudden, Rove pulls out a chart and everyone’s supposed to collapse on the fainting couch over deficits?
    Of course, the Dems want to look forward and not back. Dems can’t seem to figure out that jail time for these criminals would greatly cut down on the frequency of their television appearances…

  3. Off the books Madoff-style accounting? Who in the WH am I thinking of who was associated with Enron – something like the board of directors? And “saved” money by no-bid contracts to his friends to build substandard electrocuting showers?

  4. Somewhat related in my newspaper today, in the years running up to the great Bank collapse, AP has gotten by FOIA documents showing the folks regulating the banks were also getting record bonuses for superior performance.
    Just rubber stamp what the banks hand you and you’ll clear your case file real quick???

  5. It was Darth Cheney who said, “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.”
    This statement should be bleated every single time some ‘Pube opens his piehole about the deficit.
    Just once I’d like to see someone do this. Someone besides Alan Grayson that is.

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