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SIKHS, bitches!

SAN ANTONIO – The soldiers in standard-issue fatigues andcombat boots stood side-by-side repeating their creed: “I am anAmerican soldier. I am a warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States and live the Army values …”

Tejdeep Singh Rattan was no different except that he wore a full beard
and black turban, the first Sikh in a generation allowed to completeU.S. Army basicofficer training
without sacrificing the articles of his faith. He completed the
nine-week training Monday after Army officials made an exemption to a
policy that has effectively preventedSikhs from enlisting since 1984.

“I’m feeling very humbled. I’m a soldier,” said the 31-year-old dentist, smiling after the ceremony atFort Sam Houston. “This has been my dream.”


10 thoughts on “Things Today That are Awesome

  1. The comments on that news article are alternatively smile-inducing and heartbreaking…

  2. Beards! Daggers! Gotta love ’em.
    But I’m sort of tired of this “warrior” bullshit. Soldiers eat warriors for breakfast. Just ask the guys at Roarke’s Drift. Sikhs are soldiers. And so are the members of the U.S. Army, or at least most of them are. I think it was probably the ‘warriors’ that were running Abu Ghraib.
    Second, does anyone else think the media coverage of health insurance reform has been a massive FAIL on the same order as the runup to the Iraq War? Everyone is saying today that as people are finding out what is actually in the bill they like it more and more. WTF? Why don’t people KNOW what’s in the bill? After all, it’s been kicking around for a goddamned year now. But the media was fixated on the horserace aspect of the story–who was up, who was down, whether Obama would see his Waterloo (which he did, only he was playing the part of Wellington, not Bonaparte, unbeknownst to pundits and the GOP–but I repeat myself), why were Democrats being so mean to kindly Republicans, and (my particular favorite) why didn’t Obama work hard enough to get bipartisan support. Those stories, in number and length, completely overwhelmed the few pieces that were done on what the bill would likely include and how it would affect average Americans in various age groups.
    We do have the media in this country, it’s just no longer a news media. For that, you’ve got to hit the intertoobes and do your own goddamned reporting because fewer and fewer so-called reporters are even bothering to pretend to make an effort these days.

  3. This IS awesome. I lived in a Sikh neighborhood in Queens, NY on 9/11/01 and in the days afterwards there was a beating of an old Sikh man in the street and arson at a Sikh temple and that community never got bitter. Stupid dickwad racists can’t get within two religions and 2000 miles of finding their intended target with their blind hatred of the other but hey whatever. This guy is now GI Joe with the kung-fu grip, our President’s middle name is Hussein and I Too Sing America.

  4. As a man who served with some reluctance, but served, I can appreciate his humility at being accepted into that fraternity.There’s something about raising your hand and promising to do whatever it is you have to do, on your honor, that changes you. It changed me.
    That my time also gave me a book is just a bonus.

  5. Say RAM, if we ask the guys at Rorke’s Drift, shouldn’t we also ask the guys at Isandlwana?
    Just sayin’.

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