Friday Ferretblogging: Puckaroo


Puck’s been a bit under the weather lately. The vet who saw him recently said nothing (other than the usual effects of his adrenal disease) was wrong, but he’s been extra-sleepy and likes to spend the afternoons curled up in smaller and smaller balls of fluff in his favorite tube. I’m hoping he’s just slowing down due to the ripe old age of six he recently hit.


7 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Puckaroo

  1. A- Have you had his blood sugar tested? Could be insulinoma issues. My girls did well for a while on Pediapred to regulate blood sugar. But Rocket was quite sleepy prior to her diagnosis. -garbo

  2. Garbo, we had a fasting glucose done and it was normal. I may add on another one next time he goes in (mid-April) just to make sure. Thanks for the thought.
    He might also just be bored. He perks up when given a new box or bag to hide his stuff in. If it was a little warmer here I’d take him out on the leash a bit, see if he likes digging in the dirt still.

  3. Glad to hear it. Changes in season also seemed to cause my girls to re-boot a bit in their habits.

  4. i have been in hibernation sleep pattern. was more awake as it got warmer, but then the cold front came in. he’s COLD.

  5. Adrenal disease…? Does he have Addison’s? JFK was the first I ever heard had it, then he was supplanted by my sainted Great Dane, Maggie.
    That medicine, assuming it’s the same, is tres cher. I had to give that damned…uh, sainted, dog fourteen pills a day. A hell of a lot easier than giving a ferret pills, though; you can shove a brick down a Dane’s throat without a whimper…

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