18 thoughts on “Political Soundtrack

  1. The hell? “Fight the Power” isn’t on that list? Or, really, anything by Public Enemy?
    That’s tough to believe.

  2. Closest thing to a hip-hop jam is “killing in the name of”…(grumble) No System Of A Down(grumbles some more)

  3. We Can’t Make it Here Anymore and Cheney’s Toy– James McMurtry
    Standing in the Way of Control– Gossip
    and a whole lotta others

  4. Gil Scott-Heron – B-Movie
    Bruce Cockburn – Rocket Launcher, The Trouble with Normal, Waiting for the Moon (and more, I am sure)
    Bongwater – * Folk Song
    Austin Lounge Lizards – The Ballad of Ronald Reagan, The Drugs I Need, Go Ahead and Die, Bust the High School Students, Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs
    Neil Young – Ohio, all of Living With War
    Two Nice Girls – The Queer Song, For The Inauguration
    Tracy Grammer – Hey Ho
    Christine Lavin – The Wild Blue
    (very sad, great antiwar song)
    Dead Kennedys – Kill the Poor
    Utah Philips – All Used Up
    Randy Newman – Sail Away, Political Science, (and now) Louisiana 1927
    Peter Gabriel – Biko
    I think that’s enough for a start.

  5. as with political art. it is too ehermoral for me to care, tho bruce cockburn has some nice songs that relate to ronny raygun in central america.

  6. Billy Bragg
    “I don’t want to change the world
    I’m not looking for a new England
    I’m just looking for another girl”

  7. Putting People on the Moon – Drive-By Truckers
    Three Great Alabama Icons/Wallace – Drive-By Truckers

  8. “Rednecks,” Randy Newman. “Last night I saw Lester Maddox on a TV show…”Good Old Boys is a great concept album.

  9. Mississippi Goddamn by Nina Simone makes Public Enemy sound like Barry Manilow.

  10. Bless you for the shout-out to John Prine, virgotex. Let’s get ‘Common Sense’ in there too.

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