You say Hutaree, I say Hekawi

I’m thrilled that the Feds cracked down on the so-called Hutaree militia in Michigan *before* they started killing people. I applaud them for their preventative law enforcement (I loathe the word pro-active and refuse to use it) and I’m also happy as a satirist because now I can mock these clowns. Thanks, G-Men.

First, it’s my understanding that these wackadoodle rapturists made up the wordHutaree because it sounded pious or something. Really? It sounds incredibly silly to me: the first thing that crossed my mind was the fictional Hekawi tribe from the uber campy Sixties teevee sitcom, F Troop. I only hope that neither Sergeant O’Rourke nor Corporal Agarn were implicated in the plot:

F troop

Of course, those fictional con men would have been way too clever to hang out with the Hutaree, which also sounds a bit likeHatari the Howard Hawks/John Wayne film. Now where was I? Oh yeah, I’ve hadF Troop on my mind because I finally saw the Coen Brothers’A Serious Manon dvd and young bar mitzvah boy, Danny Gopnik is obsessed withF Troop; so much so that the theme music pops up in the film several times:

p>End ofF Troop references. The other thing that struck me as silly about the Hutaree is the logo/emblem/coat of arms thingee that they designed, presumably on an etch-a-sketch:

Supposedly, the CCR stands for “Colonial Christian Republic” but the first thing that popped into my mind was Creedence Clearwater Revival. It’s pretty obvious that the Hutaree wingnuts weren’tBorn on the Bayou but they may have drunk someBootlegwhilst searching forCosmo’s Factory. Then, it occurred to me that CCR could instead stand for Creedence Clearwater Revived, which is the quasi tribute band that Creedence drummer Doug Clifford and bassist Stu Cook have toured with on the oldies circuit. In the end, I decided that the Hutaree’s CCR has naught to do with the Creedence schism and is just another example of their supreme stupidity and cluelessness. Again, I’m glad the Feds busted them because I, for one, am not crazy about folks whobrandish automatic weapons at family weddings and are dumb enough to post the pictures on Facebook.

I think what we all need now is aCreedence Song:

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12 thoughts on “You say Hutaree, I say Hekawi

  1. I gather from their chat forum, that the Hutaree invented their own language – that apparently only 1 or 2 people speak. Came up with names for their ranks (that way they could refer to their commanders without anyone outside knowing who is who).
    I’m kind of surprised that they have indicted 9 as I get the impression that they weren’t that big.
    But MOST OF ALL, I’m surprised how the MSM has fallen all over itself interviewing a guy from the?South East Michigan Militia? who is talking about how the Hutaree weren’t a militia, and that isn’t what militias are about.
    Why doesn’t the MSM consider the idea that this guy may have a vested interest in promoting certain false information?

  2. Just FWIW, all the moderators of their chat forums are in the pokey at the moment, and the boys from /b/ got hold of it, with predictably car-crash hilarious results, assuming you think internet slap-fights between creationists and Holocaust denialists are amusing.
    Given the nature of what the /b/tards put up there, the intrepid soul who gets to clean out their forums is going to have a few more grey hairs by the end of it. They do choose their material well, for maximally-calculated offensiveness. (Me, I woulda leaned a little less heavy on the white-supremacy angle and more on the Christianist nutter angle, but hey, pobody’s nerfect.)

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Interrobang. I looked on their web page this weekend before it had been seriously changed / enhanced.
    The changes made since then are hilarious.

  4. OMG, thanks so much … these guys had a Sat AM show years later … wait for it … Ghost Busters!!! I think they even revived the Clampetts’ truck for that.
    Larry Storch. Forrest Tucker. Great memories …

  5. Hmmm – the missus and I finished Season 1 & 2 of F Troop on DVD about two months ago.
    Come for the Larry Storch – stay for the Edward Everett Horton and Frank DeKova.
    I commented to Ms. Tommy T “Kind of puts the ‘wandering tribes’ thing in a whole new light.”
    She hit me in the face with a sofa pillow.

  6. Good post. A correction on the reference to Daktari. This was a TV show in the 60’s. Hatari (close, but no cigar) was the name of the John Wayne movie. I saw it on the “big screen.”

  7. Not to nit-pick but The “Creedence Song” is not an actual CCR song but John Fogherty song about the good old days.

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