Girls Expect to PARTY and Then Have Me MARRY Them!11!

Apparently it’s self-involved douchebag day here at First Draft:

But, I get sick and tired of women who want to
treat the workplace as somehow separate from other parts of life.
There seems to be an attitude of: “I’m going to party all through my
twenties while I’m young and hot, then have a family and be a mom and
have a full-time career as well, and I’m owed a dollar for every
dollar anyone else makes, regardless of the priorities each of us has
set up until this point in our lives.” That ain’t life.

I wanted
better career prospects, so I gave up love to get it. If I had made
the opposite decision, nobody would say that I was owed anything. But
if I do get successful, it is virtually certain that I will be
regarded in some circles as just another beneficiary of a system
(Hollywood, in my case) set up only to promote or benefit
white men. Nobody will give a shit about the sacrifices I made.

James Cameron, is that you?

There needs to be a tagging system for guys like this. A registry, or maybe something like those Lojack chips you get for your pets now, where girls can scan them in the bars and see if they’re on the International Douchebag Watch List or something. Because Jesus Christ.

Actually, pal, partying all through your twenties and then settling down to have a family could, in fact, be life, if someone chooses to make it so. And how hard you party in your off-hours means exactly dick when considering if you’re owed a dollar for the same work someone else earns a dollar for. Is this guy seriously suggesting if you have three vodka shots instead of two at the club, it’s okay to pay you less? And if they’re out getting wasted every night in their 20s when they’re “young and hot,” I’d be grateful they treat the workplace as separate, right? I mean, it’s kind of all incoherent. Clearly somebody just dumped this fool hard.

Here’s a news flash: Nobody cares about your sacrifices. Nobody cares about anybody’s sacrifices. Everybody has made impossible choices and done insane things to get where they are (except Jonah Goldberg … Jonah, is that you?). We all make the choices we make and we do the stuff we do because we want to do it, and whining that nobody understands how hard it is is unproductive in the extreme. You know why that shit doesn’t inspire passionate regard in the opposite sex?Nobody likes a whiner. Most of us learned this in nursery school, fer chrissakes.

If you don’t want to marry a party girl, there are lots of girls out there who don’t drink or go to clubs who are available for you to date, McGenius. You just want the hot club girls with the long shiny hair and the pleather halter tops, don’tcha? “Why do chicks dig jerks?” It’s always the unspoken “why do hot chicks dig jerks, because the sandwich cart girl isn’t enough for me and goddammit, I drive a Benz, what more do these bitches want?”

If it pisses you off that women expect a lot out of life, and out of a potential partner for that life, you either need to confine your dating entirely to members of the Duggar family, or begin questioning why you expect so little.



10 thoughts on “Girls Expect to PARTY and Then Have Me MARRY Them!11!

  1. Shorter douchebag:
    Also, he says he was born in the mid-eighties. So he’s what, 25? Twenty-six?
    Life ain’t over, bub. If I might borrow a quote:
    “Pain or damage don’t end the world. Or despair, or fuckin’ beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man, and give some back.”
    Sack up, jerkoff.

  2. I should note that I’m not denigrating his experiences because of his age. I’m not saying that he’s incapable of feeling or knowing shit because he’s in his mid-twenties. What I’m saying is that he sounds like a goddamn 15-year-old upset over his or her first breakup.

  3. Goddamn Jude, you’re right, Al Swearingen never would have whined like this sniveler. Hell, I think E.B. Farnum would have kicked his ass just on general principle. If he was still alive after Jane was done with him.

  4. I’m confused as to why he’s complaining about women and feminism.
    He dumped his girlfriend to take a job that he wanted and would pay him what he wanted. She moved on. He obviously hasn’t.
    He’s feeling pressure from other guys to go out and get laid by more than one person, I guess. Or some young women wanted to sleep with him but not settle down with him. Not sure on that one.
    The young women he finds attractive do not want to settle down yet or prefer older men whom he sees as having more material goodies.
    I’m guessing that he is planning at some point on being a father and husband while still having a full time career.
    I’m not getting where he is upset about women and feminism wanting the exact same things he’s gone after and getting equal pay for working the same job.
    If he’s working a 70-80 hour work week for a 40 hour work week salary regularly, he’s not that bright.
    It just sounds like he’s miffed that the women he thinks he wants have not behaved like he thinks they should.
    Darn those women for being actual people.

  5. The “hot chick” is with the “jerk” because she’s having a better time with him than she would be with your lame ass. Suck up and accept it or go drink some fucking Drano.

  6. And, as far as I’m concerned, work life and “real” life should be kept as separate as possible.

  7. Damn, somebody point me towards all those young women who are partying their 20’s away…
    so let’s see. He left this “wonderful woman” four years ago, so that would make him right at 21, and a graduating senior in college. So, he asks the girl he’s been seeing in college to go to LA with him, she says naw, got my own thing, see ya. She moves on. Dude has trouble getting a date (cause he doesn’t just want to sleep around like all those nasty girls do, and he would tell them that as soon as one of them would actually ask him for a roll in the hay). Decides that shucks, maybe the whole Hollywood thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, cause he’s waiting tables 80 hours a week to pay the rent, and he ain’t gettin laid. Calls up the old girlfriend, she says “a sphincter says what?”, or something along those lines, and then he writes this screed about how he isn’t complaining, but all you women suck.
    Did i get it?

  8. A, that is some weak fucking sauce to have self-involved douchebag day and not get the word out in advance to us self-involved douchebags. BLOGGER FAIL.

  9. Did i get it?
    Pretty much nailed it.
    This guy needs my mother’s advice, which would be: Why are you looking for a quality girl in a bar?

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