Frozen Four

This Thursday, baby!

And let’s not forget Wisconsin’s new hotness:

For most of its historyWisconsin
has been on of the crowning programs in college hockey. Six national
titles, a slew of final four appearances and an armada of players in
the professional ranks are all trappings of the program’s lofty history.

But there is one jewel still missing from their crown.

No Badger has ever claimed his sport’s highest
individual honor, the Hobey Baker memorial award. Since its creation in
1981, the award had gone to four Minnesota Gophers, four Duluth
Bulldogs three members of the Harvard Crimson, but never aWisconsin player.

Only two Badgers have even made it to the final
three in voting, known as the Hobey Hat Trick, those being goaltender
Brian Elliott, who came in third in 2006, and forward Steve Reinprecht,
who was the 2000 runner-up.

Well, now make it three UW players to survive to the final round of voting.

Senior forward Blake Geoffrion joined Elliott and
Reinprecht as he was named a Hobey Baker finalist Wednesday afternoon.
He is joined byNew Hampshire’s Bobby Butler andMaine’s Gustav Nyquist as finalists.


9 thoughts on “Frozen Four

  1. Wow! That was really fascinating. How many fights does a “hockey player” need to win to win that award?

  2. I’m rooting for Blake to get the Hobey. It was a BIG DEAL in ND when Duncan got his.
    Now that ND is out of it, Wisconsin is my team – but I gotta be honest, I’m rooting for Miami cuz I be hating big on Boston, and then I want the Badgers to take the crown.
    Yeah, I’ll be cheering them on. I’ll drink Leinenkugels while I do!

  3. I’m pulling for Blake to win the Hobey too, and even more for Bucky to uphold the WCHA honor. Gotta get past that pesky team of destiny (RIT) first, though.

  4. “How many fights does a “hockey player” need to win to win that award?”
    There is really little fighting in college hockey anymore (thankfully). You should watch some and find out for yourself. 4PM and 7:30 PM CDT Thursday on ESPN2, and then 6 PM Saturday on ESPN.

  5. BTW, don’t let Blake Geoffrion’s Tennessee birthplace fool you. He comes by his hockey skills honestly. Longtime NHL fans will doubtless remember his Hockey Hall of Fame grandfather, Bernie “Boom-Boom” Geoffrion. The genes will out, as they say.

  6. Sorry, A. Gotta root for the home team RIT Tigers. Not doing too badly for a Division III school, huh?

  7. In hockey terms. RIT isn’t a division III school. They play in the “Atlantic Hockey” conference, which has been a Division I conference since 2003. RIT joined Atlantic Hockey in 2006, the same year they moved from Div III to Div I (I think).
    But, yes, Atlantic Hockey is one of the ‘smaller’ Div I conferences, and RIT getting to the Frozen Four was quite unexpected.

  8. That’s true, Robert, but they’re Division III in everything else and a small school compared to the competition they’re up against.
    Yes, they went from Division II to Division III (ECAC) back in the 80’s then to Division I a couple years ago as you noted.

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