Friday Ferretblogging

So we were worried Puck was sick. After extensive research that involved bothering the Best Vet Ever, petting him, tickling him, taking him out for a walk outside while I picked up litter (yo, city, the snow’s melted, a little cleanup in the ‘hood please?), taking him into the living room in the evening to chuck him onto the couch and chase him around the carpet, I’ve determined Puck is not sick, but bored. And fat. And lazy. When presented with food, or new toys, or a new environment, he perks up. Which is just the excuse I need to continue to spoil him effing rotten.


To that end, whenever I catch him napping like this in a plastic bag his brothers have nicked from the table underneath his sleep sack, it’s time to put down the camera and remind him time out of the cage is playtime, not geographically varied sleeping time.


4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. narcoleptic.
    sybil is a insomnia attaturk kinda cat. basil the fat one sleeps like a normal cat.

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