8 thoughts on “Stupidity

  1. You want to see dumb? Watch CNN’s devotion to the Tea Party and the Southern Repub meeting that just took place. To watch CNN you would conclude that the Tea Party represents about 80% of us, all of whom are badly overtaxed to the point of starvation, and who are arming ourselves to take back our government from the foreigners who now run it.
    2004 is going to look like sanity before November goes by this year.

  2. As many folks on this message board have NOLA connections, let me say I see a certain irony that the repubs are meeting in NOLA, post Katrina.
    Of course, I’m sure the tourism and money is good for NOLA and it makes a wonderful feel-good photo op for the repubs.

  3. Does anybody remember just what it was that Kerry was “for” before he was “against”?
    It was (if I’m remembering correctly) an $87 Billion Iraq War supplemental. When it first came before the Senate, the $87 Billion had “offsets” and came with some measure of Congressional oversight. So, it funded George W’s war, and didn’t add to the federal debt.
    But when it came back from conference, the oversight had been stripped away, as had the budget offsets. That is, a blank check for the Pentagon, and $87 Billion onto “the backs of our children”.
    What actual fiscally conservative Republican could possibly disagree with either the “for” or “against” of Kerry’s votes?
    Remember that the next time you hear Bunning or Coburn putting holds on unemployment benefits, or some other Repugnant prattling on about the defecit, and how will we pay for health care, etc.

  4. It was an improvement over the 2000 campaign (basically, “I’d like to have a beer with Dub and anyway Gore is an earth-tone wearing, feminized liar”) and compared to the 1988 campaign (Willie Horton, pledge of allegiance) looked like the fuckingLincoln-Douglass debates.

  5. I personally really appreciate the 2004 election and its nonsense.
    It forced me to abandon the country of my birth and move to a civilized country.
    Things are much much much better for me here.

  6. If our parks commissioner gets reelected this year, I’m moving to Costa Rica! I can’t believe the socialist policy of redistributing money to “grass” and “trees.” Just like trying to feed the poor, if you water the trees, they’ll just grow bigger! No to socialized parks!

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