I knew I loved this man:


6 thoughts on “Dodd: POPPYCOCK

  1. montag says:

    Sorry, but Dodd’s just complaining.
    He’s not doing what’s right. He’s doing the least amount necessary to piss off the political opposition. He’snot doing the things that will piss off the MOU.
    More sleight of hand at work.

  2. soullite says:

    Pleas,e this is just showboating. He knifed reform in the back when it really mattered. He’s willing to go to the mat for his sell-out “reforms”. That really shouldn’t be good enough to anyone who actually cares about progress and doesn’t just hate Republicans,

  3. pansypoo says:

    go back to the drawing board. fuck bi-partisanship and REALLY reform. fuck the rite. they made this mess. yes yes. clinton helped, but that was then.

  4. Adrastos says:

    And I thought you loved him for his shock of white hair. I envy his full head of hair and should hate him but I don’t,

  5. Aaaargh says:

    Jesus fuck, it took Dodd this long to figure this out? Has he been paying ANY attention? Any attention at all? What a fucking dim bulb. And he’s the best and the brightest we have.
    What a fucking mess this country is.

  6. pansypoo says:

    it’s the DC water at those dinner parties i tells ya.

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