Weekend Question Thread: Blogroll Edition

I need to go through the thing and take down ones that don’t exist anymore, so who’s not on the roll that needs to be?


17 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Blogroll Edition

  1. Adrastos says:

    I have two NOLA bloggers to suggest:
    Cliff Harris of Cliff’s Crib. One of the best writers in NOLA who has an excellent take on the local African-American community. He’s also funnier than hell: http://cliffscrib.blogspot.com/
    Jimmy Huck of the inelegantly named but well-written The Huck Upchuck. He’s a perfesser at Too-lane and writes very well: http://huckupchuck.blogspot.com/

  2. Dee Loralei says:

    I’m suprised you don’t have the inimicable Driftglass over there already, seeing as he can rant and rail with the best of them. Totally passionate and empassioned writer and he’s Chicago based. How’d you NOT know him? Does some crazy mad photoshop stuff too. You will love him A. I really tink he’s one of the best on the entire web. And I occassionally learn new words when I read him, and beleive me that doesn’t often happen.http://driftglass.blogspot.com/
    John Rogers of Kung Fu Monkey, he used to do more politics and screen writing posts, now it’s mostly a great way to keep up with his tv show Leverage. He’s the guy who John Cole always links too for “the crazification factor.”http://kfmonkey.blogspot.com/
    Dr. Zaius @ Zaius Nation, mad photoshop skills, some politics, lots of silly.http://zaiusnation.blogspot.com/
    World-O-Crap, mostly translates right-wing bloggers in a what they really mean kinda way, much silly stuff and really really bad movies.http://world-o-crap.com/blog/?m=20100401
    Steve Benen @ Washington Monthly is the hardest working guy in the blogosphere,10+ carefully researched and well thought out well written posts a day. I visit multiple times. He’s like having our very own left-wing news bureau. Absolutely prolific.
    And for almost all silly and almost no politics I like Craig@ Puntabulous. He’s like everyones favorite geek/nerdy argyle wearing, g movieand tv loving gay little brother. He’s just good sweet fun. And he does this hilarious comic strip about Super Viagra and Vagina Girl and their travails as they try to save the world.http://puntabulous.com/
    You already had many of my daily stops on your blogroll.
    You’ll love Driftglass, A.

  3. Second Loralei’s recommendation for Driftglass!
    You might consider Howie and Ken too:Down With Tyranny

  4. joel hanes says:

    Chris Floyd’sEmpire Burlesque belongs on the same shelf as driftglass.

  5. liprap says:

    Wha, no http://backoftown.wordpress.com yet? Well, sheeit.

  6. I still exist, I am just, how you say, recharging my rantiness and sharpening everything in my quiver (some of which may even be arrows, no?).
    Oh, I am also trying to write a short movie wherein all the excuses we got from party leadership on why wejust couldn’t seem to get a public option are turned into excuses as to why peoplejust can’t seem to find a reason support certain democrats, this November.
    Oh, and one where I relabel Blue-dog democrats as “BlueCross democrats”. That should be fun.

  7. virgotex says:

    Burnt Orange Report
    Wings for Wheels
    (great music blog by writer Dave Lifton – from Chicago. He’s sort of a younger Simels.)

  8. preznit giv me turkee says:

    I’ll echo the sentiments for Driftglass, Rude Pundit, World O’ Crap and also addPandagon

  9. montag says:

    I’d toss in–in addition to all the fine suggestions already made–Roy Edroso’s spot and maybeJames Wolcott, , who, even on his middling days is one of the snarkiest people on the planet, and I don’t see Roger Ailes there, the good one, even though he’s not posting quite as frequently as in the past.

  10. Linkmeister says:

    Pandagon (Amanda Marcotte)

  11. virgotex says:

    you can take mine off- it’s just the tumblr, a collection more than real content. Give someone else that space.

  12. joel hanes says:


  13. Skepticat says:

    Political Carnival, without doubt.

  14. Ted Smith says:

    Alterdestiny by Professor Loomis and crew.
    Bartcop by Bart
    Jane Stillwater

  15. Tommy T says:

    What is this “blog” thing you speak of?

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