Brown Suede Shoes

TheLabour Party’sonce expert spin doctors have officially lost their touch. The governing party is already losing the spin battle to the Liberal Democrats and running third in the horse race polls. And now this:


That’s right, that madcap-n-cuddly Gordon Brown hanging out with an Elvis impersonator. Gordon Brown is not zany, he’s not warm and fuzzy and he’s not going to win the crucialrocker vote and the modsare already lost. He’s a tough, intelligent and experienced man and they should stop trying to turn a grizzled bear into a teddy bear. Holy crap, another Elvis reference. Where will it end?


Now that was a rather major digression. The picture above, features my frenemy NOLA bloggerMichael Homan and the marching Elvi during the 2008 Muses parade. The photo was taken by my personal Baptist preacher, Mark Gstohl.

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah the 2010 UK general election. If Labour wants to win the most seats in the next Parliament-a possibility even if they finish third in the national vote- they need to unleash Gordon and let him rip Clegg and Cameron new ones. He’s not going to win, uh, brownie points with his charming personality. He needs to stab them in the front and twist the knife and spill some of theposh boy’s blue Tory blood.

Sheesh. Prime Minister Brown and the Elvi is perhaps the most embarrassing photo-op since this American classic:

Big Chief Coolidge


7 thoughts on “Brown Suede Shoes

  1. Oh, my goodness, I’d never seen that photo of Coolidge before. But, he is being his usual madcap, jolly self, isn’t he? 🙂

  2. The Elvis reference is to the song “Suspicious Minds” — Cameron’s billboards say, “We Can’t Go On like This” — and pranksters have been writing, “with suspicious minds” and then adding graffiti Elvis hair to Cam’s. Even here in Britain, most people are NOT understanding the joke or the reference — it just seems bizarre. Wrong for Gordon Brown on so many levels… and absolutely not at all damaging to Cameron. Message FAIL. Snark FAIL.

  3. So is there a connection between the Labor parties implosion (in trying to make believe that they are the Elvis party) and the self-imploding of the RNC in wearing their hat at all sorts of different angles under their head rapster?

  4. Yeah, and what’s up with the Republican Governors deciding they all want to be Guy Fawkes?? Again, do they not really understand the reference? Traitor, domestic Terrorist, burned in effigy every Nov. 5… why do they think this is a great hero? Do they think Nov. 5 is like Fourth of July? The fireworks don’t mean what you think they mean… neither do the bonfires… it ain’t a celebration of independence — it’s a celebration of the thwarting of the gunpowder plot. Kind of like, if Dubya had prevented 9/11, we might have celebrations on 9/11 to mark the capture of the terrorists and the failed mass murders…

  5. Drunken Hausfrau,
    In the USA, all celebrations have to have the same adornments and meanings. Christmas = Easter = 4th of July.
    In fact, my next door neighbor has a set of Halloween lights (Christmas Lights with a few of the lights being orange.)

  6. @Drunken Hausfrau: I posted some of the hilariously defaced Tory posters a few days ago.
    As for the Gooper Govs and Gay Fawkes. They’ve probably confused him with Thomas Paine who they like even though he was, by the standards of the day, rather left wing. When the Tea Party shits, the GOP wipes its ass.

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