And after all that, the Bucks went out and shit the bed. Thanks guys…

Well, at least I’ll have something to watch Sunday.

Fear the deer.


5 thoughts on “Venison…

  1. Dan says:

    Man, that 3rd quarter was rough.


  2. …I’m trying to feel your pain, really I am, but as a fan of the Blazers since their founding (and we won’t talk here about we PacNW’ers being jilted by the Sonics, because I have firearms and I’m ready to use them), it’s just not working…
    In any case, good luck Sunday, Doc…


  3. Athenae says:

    Is there a “fear the deer” shirt of some kind? If there is, I want one. That’s the sort of poetry we big city types just can’t match.


  4. pansypoo says:

    meh. isn’t basketball over yet?


  5. Robert Earle says:

    Over Christmas, my brother-in-law turned on a Bucks game, and for most of the quarter I saw, they were threatening the club record for fewest points scored in a quarter.
    Tonight I turned on the game just as the 3rd quarter was starting.
    I’ve watched approximately two quarters total of Bucks basketball this year, and I’m not sure they hit double digits total in them.
    I promise, I will NOT turn on the game Sunday!


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