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  1. spinach, green & red onion, potatoes, salad bowl & romaine lettuce, marigolds and assorted herbs
    cukes, pepper, tomato and sunflower seedlings SLOWLY arriving in time for post-memorial day planting in the new garden

  2. 11 types of tomatoes, onions, okra, bell peppers, poblanos, shishito, thai chiles, eggplant, zucchini, beans, garlic, some herbs. Already harvested a round of peas. Love SoCal weather.

  3. There is some mold in my kitchen… I should rinse out those coffee cups that sit waiting for a day off of work.

  4. marigolds-bunny repellent. blue lake pole beans. carrots, peas. and OMG is the rhubarb massive this year. i gotta split them. running out of room. 1 cherry tom-sweet 100s. i give up on peppers.

  5. tomatoes, peppers, okra, and eggplant. I DIY-d some earthbox-type containers- very impressed with my results, am I.

  6. All I’ve planted so far are some petunias. I missed the local garden group’s herb sale so now I’m just waiting for the Farmer’s Market in two weeks to buy my basil and rosemary (and tarragon and mint and lavender and dill).

  7. What are you growing this spring?
    Besides my usual flowers, this year I’m just doing herbs. I might try to get some tomatoes but it’s getting late and I won’t be able to do it until next weekend.
    I’ve got three different varieties of basil, two different varieties of thyme, oregano, cilantro, rosemary, and sage. And some patchouli, cuz I saw it at the Herb Society’s sale and I’m a dirty fucking hippie and patchouli is how I roll.
    I mean heck I didn’t even know patchouli was a plant. I just had to buy some.

  8. ha, A! Out here where I live, because the deer are so plentiful and will eat almost everything, rosemary is one of the very very few things people can grow without erecting a barricade around it. Hence, it is in every single yard and public planter, giant waist-high woody shrubberies of it.

  9. I seem to be growing bicycle tracks. Local urchins think walking through the garden and riding their bikes through is fun. And I’m not able to catch `em at it.
    But, there should be sweet peppers, five-color Chinese hot peppers, the little Thai peppers that are vegetable TNT, four kinds of heirloom tomatoes, some red-leaf lettuce, two kinds of oddball eggplant, red onions, a few potatoes, a little bit of white sweet corn, yellow-pod sweet peas and some really colorful Dutch beans.
    Hopefully, I’ll at least have the ingredients for some explosive salsa…

  10. Athenae:
    If you know the trick to growing dill please let me know. I’ve tried twice, both times the plants disappeared within 2 weeks of being put in the ground. I guess something is eating it (and ignoring everything else) but I don’t know what.

  11. Throw the dill seeds in the grass. It always does well there for me. Smells good when you mow it, too. But seriously, is it slugs? Scatter wood ash around the plants.
    Two types of basil, two types of tomatoes, Grandpa Ott morning glories, hollyhocks, cucumbers, scarlet runner beans, marigolds, petunias, euphorbia, geraniums, Cosmos and bachelor buttons. In a space about 18′ wide and twenty feet long that is actually construction backfill. I feel like I’m committing plant abuse, what with the clay and rocks and broken stuff in the dirt, but the plants grow, although some will be in pots. And nasturtiums and fuschias in pots in the front.

  12. The little guy came home with a Cherokee tomato plant from a field trip to a local farmer’s market (which is really strange, because the kid doesn’t like tomatoes), and it is currently growing like a weed in its pot on our balcony. THEN he came home with a strawberry plant from Earth Day learnings in class. THEN he brought home a sunflower seed that had already sprouted. The balcony has the best sun of any place ’round the house, so those things joined the tomato in pots out there. The strawberry doesn’t look too good, sadly, but the sunflower is rallying nicely.
    There’s nothing like having your kids bringing these plants home to get you caring for them and worrying over them, because, personally, I really really don’t like enduring the disappointed sighs and the “Oh, well”s from him after something dies. I can take it after we’ve TRIED, at least, but I have to try.

  13. Sort of hard to see right now; freeze warning tonight and Mrs. RAM has artistically draped everything with old sheets.
    But I seem to recall three varieties of tomatoes: Better Boy, Early Girl, Roma; a green bell pepper plant; two rows of red radishes and one of white; two rows of green beans; and three hills of cucumbers. The chives are growing nicely out by the bird feeder, as usual.
    The garden club’s plant sale is next weekend, so I expect there will be more to come of something or another.

  14. Black Krim, Sungold and yellow pear tomatoes, spinach (1st attempt) and both bush peas and tall peas. The rosemary bush nearly took over the small garden so I pruned the crap out of it. So far, it still survives. Almost forgot, grapes (table not wine), got the first actual grapes last year.

  15. Couple of different tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, thai chilies, thai basil and sweet basil, fennel, chives, english mint, arugula, and for the first time, tomatillos. OMG, those tomatillos are growing faster than I ever expected and are full of fruit! I’m gonna be canning tomatillo salsa or something before this is all over. I’ll put in some jalapenos maybe next week.
    Like Virgotex, we got deer out the ass. Rosemary is all over our front yard and I am trying mightily to keep the bastards away from my veggies. Caught a big fat (pregnant) doe out by the tomatoes this morning. Hope she wasn’t thinking about having her baby in my backyard. Last year we had at least three does do that…why, out of all the yards in my neighborhood do they pick mine? The babies can’t jump the fence to get out. Our two Jack Russells terrorize them and we rescued two fawns by throwing towels over them and putting them out in the front. The dogs killed and ate another one as I found a small spine with tufts of fur out by the tomatoes one morning. That’s all I need again this year. The dogs are nuts enough without getting a lust for food on the hoof.

  16. oh no abo gato, that’s awful. The fawns are pretty helpless when they’re tiny. Haven’t seen any yet this year but from the looks of the does, should be any day now.

  17. Southern Beale: Shishito are Japanese chilis. They are relatively mild, are perfect in tempura, and delightful lightly sauteed with a little soy sauce. Cold Sake and tempura shishito on a warm spring evening. That’s the ticket!

  18. Tomatoes:
    Mr. Stripey
    Chocolate Stripe
    Big Beef
    Ernie’s Plump Beefsteak
    San Francisco Fog

  19. (takes deep breath)
    Tomatoes (9 types), bell peppers, cayenne, ancho, volcano chilies, onions, brocc, b. sprouts, turnips, carrots, radishes, kholrabi, lettuce, potatoes, parlsey, basil, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, dill, cukes, zukes, green beans, garlic.
    Cosmos, zinnias, mini single marigolds, annual flax, violas, nasurtiums, impatiens, larkspur, snapdragons, roses, bellflowers and many other perennials.
    Raspberries (red, black and gold), currants, apples, pears, cherries, grapes, and I just planted a nectarine, and a pecan tree.
    Did I miss anything?

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