Just can’t face it today

p>Guys – I have to take a short break from sampling the Freeper stupidity. Please accept my apology for not serving up the yucks this morning, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I don’t know if it’s because I finally hit my critical mass on revulsion, or if I’m just tired (work has been kicking my ass instead of the reverse), but I have to take a (hopefully) short hiatus. Doing “Obsession” is a labour of love, and forcing myself to put something out just to put something out is wrong for both of us.

Athenae – sorry to let you down – I’ll be back as soon as possible (if you guys still want me).

Kibitzer – thanks for the insightful comments in your responses to my posts – it’s meant a lot.


18 thoughts on “Just can’t face it today

  1. But if there’s no obsession I’ll actually have to log on to Free Republic to get my weekly fix πŸ™
    Shame on you Tommy T. Shame on you.

  2. There will still be plenty of spewing bile when you come back.
    yr fan

  3. Frankly, I don’t know how you could stand to visit this vile site but we are all grateful that you did. Thank you for your time and your commentary.

  4. I can certainly understand needing a break.
    Just think of this as the general telling the soldier that he has served well.

  5. I think there is a limit to how much insanity anyone can be exposed to. And, I suspect you reached it. If it were up to me I would say find another obsession, one less damaging to your mind.

  6. Take a break. Absolutely. Especially as there’s only one of you trolling through the bile that loads of people are spewing. Even those schmucks on the other end of your posts have to catch a couple of winks.

  7. holden syndrome. the stupid is toxic.
    getting some weird internets GOP propaganda from an epal, a twisted net neutrality double-speak. made no sense.

  8. No blame, no shame. You deserve a break. Wading through that Freeper gene pool has got to take a toll. I appreciate all the many Mondays you’ve taken us on this twisted tour.

  9. Tommy, of course you need a break. Swimming in that much stupidity, even with protective gear, has got to take a toll on your health & psyche. Get some sun & fresh air & come back when you’re ready.

  10. Boy do I hear you. At a certain point I was talking to someone and I realized that they were not a crazy right winger and I though. “I’m so used to these insane views that normal starts to sound radical.”

  11. God, I even have to take a break from reading stuff on the liberal internets. It can get pretty toxic. Good to take a break. Pet some kittens, bake some cupcakes, drink some good wine.

  12. I’ll bet you didn’t realize you had such a following :). Maybe you did.
    I’ll miss your special brand of snark, and your repertoire of literary, musical and cinematic allusions. I hope the decontamination doesn’t take too long.

  13. Thanks for all the good work. The Freeper tosh you dredge up never fails to shock, horrify, and amuse me.
    Take good care of yourself — what would we do without our intrepid expedition leader?

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