Instant Malakatude

Some fuckmook namedGus Lubin at Business has described the gulf oil gusher as follows:

While oil infiltrates the coastline, astronauts are watching the beautiful patterns of 315,000 barrels of oil released onto the open sea.

If you’re not directly affected by the oil slick, they make for a
great show. Too bad NASA hasn’t invented a technology that could clean
this up.

5 thoughts on “Instant Malakatude

  1. Those of us who lived through the Ixtoc disaster know a little better than most what is about to happen. If you take the time to study a map of the Gulf coast one can see just how lucky we got down here. From Brownsville to Matagorda we have a barrier island that took the vast majority of damage from the spill. The beaches were a mess, but it kept almost all the oil out of our primary and secondary bays and the ecosystems that rely on them. From Florida to east Texas this barrier doesn’t exist. Speaking from first hand experience I can assure you this is going to be much, much worse than anyone is talking about now. I would love to be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  2. Idunno. I think that he has a mostly irrelevant point. Irrelevant because every fscking human being on the planet is affected. But a point nonetheless: things that kill people and other living things are often pretty from the right distance. Cancer cells in false color: gorgeous. Explosions, conventional and nuclear: beautiful and fascinating. Hurricanes seen from space: pretty. Volcanic eruptions: awesome.
    And it’s easy to fall prey to that aesthetic judgment

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