Weekend Question Thread

What one food do you absolutely refuse to eat?

Me? Olives. I can tolerate most things I don’t like, like mushrooms and green beans, but olives absolutely make me heave. I can’t even drink a martini an olive has been in.


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  1. Liver. I have hated it as long as I’ve had teeth. I remember, I must have been five or six years old, my mother trying to get me to eat some of the stuff by telling me it was steak. We lived on a farm. I’d eaten steak. I liked steak. That stuff was no steak. The taste and consistency of liver is why god invented vitamin iron supplements.

  2. I can’t eat a banana to save my life. The texture and the taste combine to make it a thing to gag on for me. My poor mother-in-law made a banana shake for me when I was pregnant, and, after trying to get it down out of deference to her kindness, I finally had to tell her how much I can’t stand bananas.
    Ultimate irony: we have bunches of banana trees in our backyard. And I can’t stand to LOOK at a single one, forget tasting them.

  3. Curry. Anything curry-flavored, curry-scented, makes my stomach turn over. A big sad for Mrs. Gummo, who loves Indian food.
    But she can’t stomach celery; she can’t even smell it without getting queasy. So I guess we’re even there.

  4. Melons. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew – they all make me gag. The texture of melon is horrible but I can’t do watermelon flavored candy either. Even the smell turns my stomach. There is other stuff I don’t like – not too fond of fishy fish but nothing makes me physically react like melons.

  5. My spouse is Japanese. There are a few things I can’t do because of texture issues. One is natto (nah toe), or fermented beans. As they ferment, they develop sticky strands, the smell is musty…
    Another is nagaimo (nah guy moe) or long yam a mountain tuber. It is usually ground into a paste which again has the consistency of snot.
    There are other dishes, like pickled this and that, that I don’t care for, but have no problem eating.
    so liprap, where do you live that you can have bananas?

  6. That’s liprap, where do you live that you can have banana *trees*?

  7. Cheese. And I lived in Wisconsin for ten years.
    Just the smell makes me nauseous.
    Also might have something to do with not-so-enlightened “discipline” growing up: grilled cheese would be served, the oven timer would be set for ten or fifteen minutes, and beatings would be administered if said sandwich wasn’t eaten in the time frame.
    I”m not sure what the point was, but…
    Anyway…Kevin, down here in Loosiana banana plants grow plenty tall enough to look like trees. They’re pretty resiliant, too. My next door neighbor has been trying to get rid of one that took over a small flower bed for a couple of years now. Even after spreading salt and root killer like BP’s speading detergent, the plant still managed to put up a few shoots.

  8. Kevin, here in New Orleans, the banana plants have found the place where they can not only survive, but thrive. It’s said that the grocery store strain of banana will no longer exist soon. When that happens, United Fruit might well come sniffing ’round here for other ways to get a new banana strain started.

  9. Bleu cheese. I just have to take the word of others that it does something pleasant to their taste buds. It’s unimaginable to me.
    Has anyone here tried durian? I see it in the Asian market and am always curious, but never curious enough to buy one and cut it open.

  10. wow! i am not alone. i too from WI can’t stand cheese. there is not one thing i refuse to eat. squash, beer(yeah, WI beer and cheese), black olives, mushrooms, seafood, OKRA. i tried, i tried it again breaded and fried and blegh. MANGO. star fruit, BRUSSEL SPROUTS. i am sure there is more.

  11. Liver in all it’s forms. Thought I’d cure myself by eating the entree of Liver & Onions at the college cafeteria in my youth. Haven’t touched a piece of liver other than baiting a hook since.

  12. Peas. If you serve them drenched in bacon so you can’t really taste them, OK. Otherwise not.

  13. See, I don’t really like olives, but I can eat them.
    However, green peas make me gag. The smell of split pea soup is nauseating. Just absolutely cannot do.

  14. Offal. Any kind, from any animal. My Mister loves chicken gizzards and livers, and my Dad loved cow’s liver. All of the above, along with chitterlings, head cheese, souse, make me feel downright nauseous. Typing about them turns me green around the gills.
    I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like, from poi to durian and cassava, and even Kevin’s natto – but only with lots of mustard.

  15. No olives? Really?
    It’s like I don’t even know you…
    I cannot abide raw oysters, even though I’ve certainly tried and, at least when I was younger, had access to plentiful amounts of the best, freshest raw oysters available, probably more than most people did.
    But I can’t staaaaaand ’em. Not raw.
    I do like them crispy fried, or cooked in a nice soup or chowder though. Also in stuffing.
    I am also not generally a fan of liver though I have occasionally had it prepared in such a way that I liked it. (Same with most organ meats.)

  16. Pickled beets. Just typing it makes me want to vomit. One time, when I was young, my mother forced me to eat liver and beets in the same meal. I cried, I begged, I pleaded, but she didn’t budge. So I ate a few bites and then hurled rather violently right back into my plate. I never had to eat beets and liver again.

  17. Shellfish.
    In my defense I have a real live iodine allergy. Yep, throat swells shut, face turns blue, the whole nine yards.
    I discovered this at a crawfish boil on Barksdale, Independence Day ’79. Oh, and that’s the day I found out I shouldn’t eat watermelon, too …

  18. Pickled eggs. WTF. Can’t go there. Can go may places … not there. ever.

  19. i tried making special cat food for my cat when he had kidney flavor. OMG frying the liver was disgusting. my grandpa loved liver & onions.
    i feel for those who were served this.

  20. liver. giant clam. mackerel. anise. the gut and brain “meats.” sweetened pickles. this one kind of candy that’s always at the check out at my big box store, in some sparkly pink box. it make me puke, once, when i ate a tin. gin. goddess never again: tia maria.

  21. Mushrooms of any kind. Don’t mind the flavor, it’s a texture thing. If they’re cut up into really small pieces on a pizza, it’s tolerable.
    Used to hate bananas for the same reason. Got over that one, but not shrooms.
    Liver, ewww. Never tried picked eggs and don’t want to. They sound disgusting and look awful.

  22. I eat almost everything except for certain kinds of tripe which have too strong an ammonia note, Hawaiian limpets, and I’m sure there are a couple of other things. Oh yeah, an awful lot of preprocessed and high velocity “foods” which taste only of salt, corn syrup and synthetic fat in various combinations. Liver, brains, kidneys, green ants, bay bugs, foie gras, beef tendon and the like are just fine, or better.
    I tried durian a while back. Yes, it does have a bit of an ice cream note, but it was rather mild. It was the Chinese New Year, but it might not have been fully ripe. Yes, it did have a bit of a warm bicycle tire scent and a musty flavor to go with it. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. I might take a bite again, but I doubt I’d ever order some at a restaurant.

  23. I live on the coast and am an avid fisherman. I love all things seafood – fried, baked, broiled, grilled, etc. I even love ceviche. But I refuse to even try sushi. Will not eat raw fish.

  24. I won’t eat dairy because Ican’t; I’m lactose intolerant and allergic to milk protein, so unless I want to be throwing up/unable to get off the potplus coughing, wheezing, and breaking out in hives, I stay away from it.
    I won’t eat most offal, with the exception of tendon and tripe if they’re in Pho. Not my favourite topping for Pho, but I wouldn’t turn down a bowl of Pho just because it had tendon in it, if you get my drift. I would really rather not, though.
    Most of the vegetable type stuff I don’t like I will eat under certain circumstances, so even though I’d really rather not eat beets, if you turn beets into an extremely vinegary borscht and I’m hungry enough, I might eat it, for instance. Itotally feel mothra’s pain, er, nausea. Pickled beets and liver would have sent me over the edge too.

  25. Athenae: You hate olives? Really? How ironic.
    Kevin: My pastor’s daughter lives in China, and after a visit with her, he brought back some durian-flavored candy. In a sermon, he offered it to the congregation as a dare. It tastes sweet, but it smells like vomit-covered shit. Eat it at your own risk.
    My personal food hatred extends throughout most of the vegetable community, but green peppers edge out broccoli and cabbage for the most puke-inducing reaction by my picky-eater taste buds.
    Just for fun…here’s the link to George Carlin’s “Fussy Eater” routine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk-BR-EBMU4

  26. Olives. Never partook until about 5 years ago when my olive-loving husband demanded that I try one, despite the fact that I’ve always hated the way they smell, and was sure they’d offend my palate just as much as they do my olfactories.
    Sure enough, they taste JUST like they smell. Yuck.
    The only pickled thing I will eat is an actual pickle. The taste & texture of anything else that’s pickled makes me gag, especially pickled herring. I married into a family of Norwegians, so this is absolute heresy, and it’s only my cheesecake that keeps me on their good side, food-wise.
    Also, bleu cheese: to me it has some of the same scent characteristics as putrefied roadkill.

  27. There’s not much I won’t eat but the one thing that I just can’t is raisins. Pretty much out of character for a wine maker/lover.
    And a couple of years ago I found I can no longer eat traditional pesto. After years of making/eating it I found out the hard way I had suddenly developed an allergy to pine nuts. I now make it with almonds or walnuts instead.

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