Friday Cat Blogging: Clarence the Mutant

Clarence is an outdoor cat who “belongs” to some friends of mine in Baton Rouge. Why is he a mutant? He loves getting dirty: he rolls around in the dirt at this time of the year and, during the Springtime, he becomes a yellow cat because he *adores* rolling around in the oak pollen that’s so ubiquitous around these parts. Unlike most cats, he’s not big on grooming so he usually looks like Pigpen from Peanuts.

The picture below doesn’t quite do justice to his magisterial dustiness but he hates being photographed so it’s the best I can do:



9 thoughts on “Friday Cat Blogging: Clarence the Mutant

  1. There’s a black cat that hangs around my store that looks and acts a lot like that. I’ve noticed the past couple of times she’s come around that she is covered in dust. I thought she was doing it to cool off. This cat doesn’t belong to anyone, (we joke that she owns both us and the business because she was there first)but she is very vocal if she doesn’t get fed. And you can’t touch her. I can pet her for a minute first thing in the morning when I feed her dry food – BUT THAT’S IT.

  2. My parent’s old cat LOVED to roll in loose dirt (and he was a mostly white cat minus any applied substances) and he loved to hang out under the cars in our garage – where the oil build-up was. He’d be a frakkin’ mess. But he would always be back to sparkling white the next day. He lived to almost 19…which surprised me after grooming that muck off so often.

  3. Els, he might have built up a resistance to all kinds of viruses and bacteria just from cleaning himself off again and again.
    Cats are quite the diverse bunch of characters, aren’t they?

  4. Looks like hereally hates having his picture taken, look at those ears. He’s a dead ringer for my boy Zorro, minus the dusty outdoor living.

  5. Clarence resembles my tiny Topaz, whose every facial expression conveys some variation on a “Not THIS SHIT again!” theme.

  6. Tru dat Lip! 🙂 My two current fuzzehfaced ‘chirrens’ are rather polar opposites. Amelie can be had for a mere swish of the vampire toy*… GrisGris is all “Meh, if I deem you worthy, I’ll come say hi – and there better be noms or catnip!”
    * = vampire toy is a wand toy that was a ‘welcome home’ gift to GrisGris the day I adopted her…it’s a felt cartoony vampire on the end of a wand that quite suited that mid-October day she became “GrisGris” from “miss Jingles”. She loved it until Amelie came along and bogarted it. Amelie just loves to play ‘vampire hunter’. She’ll sit by the wand and meow until you play w/her for a bit to shut her up! LOL!

  7. birds take dust baths to get rid of pests. a few of my cats adore/d rolling around in stray litter or grit.

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