Oh, They’ll Use Subpoenas in the Future, Guys

How awesome of them:

HARRISONBURG — Harrisonburg’s top
prosecutor and James Madison University’s student newspaper have
reached a settlement under which the state will pay $10,000 in legal
fees that the paper accumulated while arguing against the seizure of
staff photographs documenting a riot.

However, the student paper also agreed to turn over to the prosecutor 20 photos that it did not publish.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst also said Tuesday that she will
use subpoenas to obtain information from news organizations in the
future, unless there is “an imminent need to prevent the loss of life
or threat of bodily injury.”

The actual paper’s story ishere.Kids done good. There was no guarantee, given our current total police state atmosphere in this country, that they would have won in court, especially given that they’re college students and journalists, two demographics those in authority love kicking around Just Because.

Garst, meanwhile, comes out of this looking like a total asshole, because YOU THINK YOU SHOULD SUBPOENA? Holy shit, what a concept. Do not pass the bar, go directly back to law school and this time pay attention.


2 thoughts on “Oh, They’ll Use Subpoenas in the Future, Guys

  1. I’m split. On one hand, these students went through an awful lot and shouldn’t have to do so for a student newspsper.
    OTOH – hopefully they have had the opportunity to learn lessons that can’t be taught. As such, may they be better journalists for their victory.

  2. If the legal profession policed its own worth a damn, Garst’s license would be in a million tiny pieces in the recycling bin today.

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