May BP’s Executives Rot In Hell

Fuckers. Fuckers fuckers fuckers.

This suggestion, from the comments, has some merit:

the Boston Globe once again proves how awesome they are this just
points out one of the many travesties of this disaster. But hey if it
works print it. Print them and paste them at gas stations. Hand them
out at the office. Put them on your neighbors windows.

A billboard behind every BP station. For the next ten years. With the picture of that pelican.



7 thoughts on “May BP’s Executives Rot In Hell

  1. bp’s execs should be forced to wear the dead birds around their necks until they rot away…

  2. You know, BP does suck well and truly, but come on. Until we reduce our dependence on oil, this is going to continue. So think. What can YOU do to keep from being part of this? Drive less? Yes. Use fewer plastic products? Yes. Sure, you might say “but my tiny little bit won’t matter at all,” but at least you will know that YOU are not playing a part. Until we give up the goddamn car for every single trip, those pelicans might as well be draped around OUR necks, too.

  3. BP: bad; Transocean: possibly worse. Follow the money: they have already filed papers to limit their liability. Their culture and equipment (matching greedhead for greedhead) found a perfect match with BP. BP may cease to exist over this but Transocean, hiding behind them, will survive.

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