Quitting Time Booster Shot

Welcome back to the booster, where we’re enjoying the weather, rocking the classic cars and enjoying ’80s music. Join us…

– When it comes to stupid people, our institutions of higher
learning are second to none. Police at Ohio State University tried to arrest a
kid for taking pictures of a cow for the student newspaper. They dropped the
charges, but then decided to take a swipe at the student newspaper anyway.
Apparently, they viewed the kid’s press credentials as “fraudulent” because
they weren’t signed by “an adult.” C’mon…Here’s the kids take on this, which
needs a bit of an edit, but it still awesome.

– Speaking of student newspapers, The Medildos are having
trouble keeping afloat at the Daily Northwestern
. Question: How do you bankrupt
a paper made between $550,000 and $700,000 per year. Answer: They forgot how to
fight for the puck in the corner. When they were once “flush with cash” and
“getting ads was a breeze,” they got used to things being easy. Now, they don’t
know how to find fourth gear. Shameful.

– Danny Ferry sucked as a player. He sucked as a draft pick.
He sucked as almost everything, except being the GM of the Cavs.Of course, he
just quit or was fired,
depending on your take. Unless LeBron James is
literally looking to build an entire franchise around him, I can’t imagine why
they’re doing this.

– Thanks to Chris Haney, I was drunker than hell for half of
my college career. We played Trivial Pursuit where if you landed on a pie piece
and you didn’t get the answer right, you had to do a shot. F’n geography
category…Chris, you will be missed.

– From the “While Rome burned, Nero apparently drank, smoke
and gambled
” department: Could the Tribune BE and dumber?

– “I don’t know that shit… Keeping it REAL…

AT&T is trying to convince people that getting rid of
their unlimited data plan is good for customers
. If they manage to do this, I’d
like them to try to convince me that all the hair I lost has gone to a better
place, that my kid being a pain in the ass is a growing experience for me and
thatsome women really do prefer a smaller penis.

– And finally, Athenae wrote about school and kids and
getting them to pay attention and do better and stuff… Yeah, well, here’s the
best “how to get kids go to school” thing I’ve seen in a while, despite what
the alumni of the school think.

Thanks for letting me share your air. Be back next week.


3 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. Uh, Doc, some womendo prefer smaller penises. Not to overshare, here, but not every woman’s got unlimited room in there, and, take it from me, having your cervix rammed into your throat because the guy you’re with is too long for your vag and got a little carried away is not exactly a mood-enhancer.
    This has been a pub(l)ic service announcement brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood technical writer and Stereotype Exterminators, Inc.

  2. fuck trivia pursuit. i’d always do go til i hit history and i’d get a fucking watergate question. i was about 6 then!

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