Weekend Question Thread

What one technological trend/toy/behavior do you not get, or not like, or refuse to participate in?

I don’t text all that much. Part of the reason is that I have a phone that makes phone calls instead of one that makes movies, so texting is a pain in the ass, but mostly? My thumbs just don’t seem to work that way.


21 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Four Square, Gowalla, and the other location based social media stuff. It seems idiotic to say the least.

  2. The “ville” games on Facebook. Farmville, Kingdoms of Camelot etc. Why the hell should I waste time building a fucking fake farm? Word games, fine. Make me think. Bejeweled, OK, it’s fairly mindless. Trying to build an ancient empire over weeks and weeks? Fuck that.

  3. Fucking GPS in fucking cars.
    Read a goddamn map before you leave the house. Or, if you’re driving around in the motherfucking townin which you live and using GPS, just pull your car over and shoot yourself.

  4. Facebook & Twitter.
    Tried Facebook for a few months, hated it. HATED IT. To do it right, you had to be on 24/7 and I just wasn’t that interested. Besides, I have no interest in living out my whole life as public performance art, which is what Facebook & Twitter come down to.

  5. Where to start?
    Texting – I will reach the end of my life before I ever send a “text”. Utter nonsense to keep people from being involved withe life.
    Facebook – I have a “page”, but never use it for anything, nor will I. Email works just fine.
    Twitter – twittering idiots!
    iPhone – Sure, it’s a neat gadget, but for what???
    iPad – I would get more out of burning the dollar bills it costs.
    Rap – now I know what “rapscallion” meant.

  6. Can’t get into computer games much at all. Computer versions of existing board/card games I can play, but can’t do MMORPG stuff like World of Warcraft or shootemup games. Can’t get into Second Life.

  7. Don’t get Twitter; seems like email or blogging, but more work to do or follow. Don’t often text, although it can be useful during meetings, but again, it’s a lot like email.
    I do love my iPhone, though, and as someone who is incredibly directionally challenged, I depend on my GPS, even in my own town.

  8. what they said. i believe in MAPS. real phones. don’t much like cordless. i proudly fly the luddite flag.

  9. Texting and Twittering. Just don’t get either. My wife and I do have cell phones from Tracfone and we buy a year’s worth of minutes for $99 every year. But since the minutes roll over, the damned things keep building up. Computer games? I like the concept, but just don’t have time for them.

  10. Jude, you crack me right up. Yep, I’m a map user myself. Can’t stand the GPS. Plus, it fucks with you. There are tons of technological toys/behaviors I don’t get:
    Texting (I am godawful slow and–WTF–just CALL me if you have something to say)
    Twittering. Dear God no. Stupidest thing ever. As evidenced by Meaghan McCain and Sarah Palin’s use.
    Facebook. Um, no. Don’t want myself out there like that. At all.
    IPad. It’s a giant, expensive toy, really.
    Video games and/or computer games. Never got into them at all.
    So I guess I am a semi-Luddite. Oh well. I am sure I will survive without all of the above-mentioned items.
    Kindle. I like to turn pages and spill coffee on said pages while reading, thank you very much.

  11. No
    Chat Rooms
    and, while I recognize the utility, I haven’t gotten around to
    I’m neutral about Kindle — again, can see the utility, especially in waiting rooms or on vacation…but finally saw one recently and…they’re pretty small. My middle aged eyes need fairly large type (or glasses — need to bite the bullet and get a prescription.)
    A couple of things I DO like are iPods and USB Flash Drives. Miss the warm sound of vinyl, and LP cover art, but moving heavy albums are a pain. Plus they melt/warp.
    Flash drives are really nice — 16Gb for $30? I’ll take it…I remember the days when computers didn’t have hard drives at all…anyone else remember program disks and data disks?
    Oh, and I don’t miss typewriters…god, I cranked out some ugly looking term papers on those things…

  12. I actually have texting blocked on my phone.
    I refuse to give up 5 minutes of my life and four sessions of texting to have a conversation I can have on the cell phone in 30 seconds.

  13. No GPS. It’s annoying as all hell, and my husband and FIL were in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl when Illinois was playing, and when I called them, I heard a woman’s voice in the background. “WHO IS THAT???” “Oh, THAT? That’s the GPS.” GPS, my tuchus…Besides, I can read a map, dammit.
    No 4square. No iPhones or Droids or CrackBerrys. No downloading of music off the interwebs for permanent use – there’s still something about having an album in my hand with the nifty cover art, liner notes, and disc. Because of the last one, no iPods.

  14. I’m always willing to try new technology, but sometimes I never get an actual reason to do so. I joined Facebook because some friends of mine wanted to show me some pictures. I have a web site because I did one for a political group in the mid-90s and liked having my own. I like the way 411 calls will text the number right to my cell phone so I can put it in my electronic phone book.
    But some technologies never seem to be very useful. I have a good sense of direction, like to read maps and tend to memorize the layout of places pretty quickly. A GPS just seems like a distraction, and out where I live the database is so bad that people are always getting routed down as yet to be built or long closed roads. Cellphones are great for giving directions to friends screwed up by their GPS.
    I can’t imagine why I’d want Twitter. I suppose if it becomes mandatory I could find a Twitter aggregator that would let me catch up every week or two. Maybe I should patent a Tivo for Twitter and someone here could think of a good name for it. I find it much more fun to catch up than to have to deal with people all the time. Maybe I’m autistic, but people, as rewarding as they are, can be hard work.
    I can understand computer games. I used to love Maze Wars, an old multi-player first person shooter from the early 70s. I could beat everyone except for this deaf guy who was enchanted. Now I just find them all too tedious. They demand my attention. Who wants to do what some computer game console tells them? I’m my own boss now.
    I think that as I have gotten older I like choosing what I want to pay attention to more and more. So, when I am with or calling friends, they are what I am paying attention to and nothing else. When I am driving, I like to think about driving, where I am and where I am going. When I solve a problem, I like to think about that problem. If the technology is obedient and knows its place, it can come along for the ride, otherwise it can go elsewhere.
    On the other hand, you never know what technology is going to useful. It’s like the Seattle monorail. It has two stops, but I actually was late for an appointment as I was approaching Seattle Center and wanted to get downtown in a hurry. There were no cabs, but there it was, the monorail! It took me door to door, so I never rule out any technology on principle.

  15. Other than reading blogs I have no use what so ever for all of the things mentioned above. I have a 7.99/mon. pay-as-you-go cell phone for emergencies, but I would have to call my home phone to get its number off caller-id. I prefer old fashion interaction. Sitting at a bar, playing pool, dominoes, backgammon, uno, chess, etc. Yeah, that makes me an old fart.

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