‘Video of VP Biden Flying Down a Water Slide — Exclusive!’

Digby asks:

Many people think there’s nothing wrong with this. Everybody’s human,
it’s fun for the kids. But do you think this sort of thing makes it
easier or more difficult for journalists to maintain their independence?

Here’s a larger problem than the one of whether this makes them look bought and paid for: IT MAKES THEM LOOK FUCKING STUPID. I mean, if you’re gonna go to something like this, and erm, probably yeah, for God’s sake keep it together enough not to sound like a giggling fucking schoolkid who’s never met a famous person before in his life. It’s embarrassing.

This is exactly how I feel about all the White House Correspondents’ Dinner nonsense, too: If you want to do this, for “sources” and free booze, okay, fine, but a) don’t then turn around the next day and make it out like your jobisn’t at least partly to be a starfucking wanker and b) can the breathless updates, we don’t all need to hear about it and c) next time you and your pals get the urge to bag on the Internet for having eroded journalistic credibility or whatever murderous rampages we’re now suspected of carrying out, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, directly go fuck yourself with a garden weasel.

If I got invited to party with the Bidens, would I go and Twitter that shit? Absolutely. My job, however, is to be an Internet smartass. Which, I’ve been told, is different from being a White House reporter. Reading Henry’s fucking Tweets, the only difference between what he’s writing and what some starstruck blogger might write is that the latter would probably be funnier.


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