Newspaper Commenters Combat Racist Stereotypes with Barrio Graffiti

Ohjust somebody shoot me:

spin. I repeat, BS spin. This is something which is being jammed down
our throats by radicals who wish to destroy the America many of us have
known all of our lives. It has nothing to do with race, green, or any
other worthy reason, but simply the nattering by the self-loathers.

People come to Prescott to see the beauty of the buildings and the area
not to see murals on beautiful brick walls!! Also it was a “slap in the
face” to see the pictures of teachers and their kids lining the streets
to push for a tax increase. You should be a shamed of yourselfs. I
agree you are under paid and sometimes over worked but remember it’s
the tax payers who fund your salary so please respect them! Maybe what
needs to happen is these Mural Mice and people that have extra time to
complain shuld learn the history about the schools in the area. Who
built them and how they were paid for? And then maybe go out to Fort
Whipple (the VA Center) and thank the men and women who fought for the
right of Freedom and the Freedom of Speech. It’s amazing how everyone
enjoys the freedoms but few accepted the call and help defend them!!
May God Bless America and the Great City of Prescott!!

Fought for the right of Freedom. I “shuld” think they’d learn that. Gooder.

The whole mural look ridiculous, like L.A. ugh! Paint over the whole
ugly monstrosity! And, why aren’t there any white kids on the mural?
That’s racist! Sick of all the cry babies, that want to have ugly
barrio graffitte all over a school wall…great stuff we’re teaching
these kids.

Ugly barrio graffiti. And don’t call us racists!

the wall must be painted, and that is up for discussion and opposition,
why not some Patriotic theme, “Proud to Be an American” depiction
rather than this thinly veiled leftist support for border invaders?

Next up, the Senator of WTFistan takes the podium:

I guess we all know for sure just where the Honky burrito stands. He
speaks and racism spews from his every hole in his body.So all the fine
folks that are bashing the Blair are totally racist because all they
can say is racist. I do not support the Blair but all of you that are
bashing him are doing the same thing that he did. When do you suppose
that this Country will get out of this hate bating racist mood. Oh I
forgot, the Illegal alien we have for a President started this racist
junk when he was running for your King. He still continues to slur the
American people today and especially Arizona. He has surrounded himself
with Goldman/Sachs employees and they all kiss his feet. All of you
liberals out there that think this is America, well think again, It is
spelled Amerika now and soon you will all be slaves to your anointed

Honky Burrito, I think, opened for Stone Temple Pilots back in the day.

drove by the rally. Yes there were alot of people there at that time of
day!!! The “Green” theme is interesting. Why dosen’t the big VA
Hospital set up some WINDMILLS to power some lights there???? Wouldn’t
that just be the best PR that Presott needs right now??? EVERYONE KNOWS



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  1. There’s nothing quite like staring into the abyss to start your day.
    Thanks, Hitler-lady. I needed that.

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