Boehner Hears Angry Mob, Smells Burning Torches, Changes Tune

Oh, now he’s all in favor, the douchemook:

House Minority Leader John Boehner onThis Week todaysaid he’s now in favor of lifting the cap on BP’s liability
in the Gulf oil spill. Though currently law makes BP responsible for
cleaning up the actual oil, it limits its liability to $75 million.
Senate Democrats have pushed to raise the cap to $10 billion or get rid
of the cap entirely. Boehner now seems to be suggesting he’s on board
with the latter option but only in the case of BP and this spill, not
in general going forward.

Right. Because it’s only this election cycle we’re really worried about. Look, as much as I’m for putting BP in the public stocks and letting people throw tar balls at its directors’ heads, exactly how does it make sense to lift the cap this one time and this one time only?

Unprecedented disaster, yeah, yeah, but does anyone really think this is the last oil spill we’re ever gonna have? Especially with most of our leadership going full metal pussy and refusing to take any of the world’s very excellent suggestions to solve our energy problems so that no further drilling is necessary? Especially given our president’s allergy to anything approaching accountability for the people whose policies led us to this in the first place? What happens during the next oil spill? Do we give that company, whichever one it is, an exception as well? What about the one after that?

Or do we just sack up and say the rule is bullshit and have done with it?

Either you think the liability cap is unfair and unconscionable, or you think it isn’t. If it’s unfair, screwing as it does the American taxpayer with the 14-inch dildo of capitalism while allowing the corporations a long, sensual massage, then it’s unfair for every company, in every instance. But Boehner can’t bring himself to actually say that (not even with a nicer metaphor) because his fellow Republicans will all begin the chorus ofZOMG SMALL BUSINESS TAXING US TOO MUCH FEDERAL REGULATION SMALL BUSINESS EVEN SMALLER BUSINESS JOE THE PLUMBER BLARGLE FLAP FLAP FLAP.

Instead he’s just trying to stay out of the way of the angry villagers on their way to BP’s front yard which, while an admirable strategy from the standpoint of personal safety, doesn’t get the job done in thenot being a completely horrible hypocrite loser department.


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  1. BP is a small business??????
    And with all the video floating around the YouTubes, how does Boehner not get an opponent who pieces together the flip-flopping?

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