Goo Goo Ga Joob

I know it comes as no surprise to First Drafters (ites?) but Rachel Maddow has done some of the best teevee reporting on the oiltastastrophe. This segment, I Am The Walrus, is particularly good as she dishes BP and uses a big old map of the US and A to show where oil dun spilled in recent years. Dun spilled? Uh oh, I seem to be channeling Plaquemines Parish President and current media love object Billy Nungesser:

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4 thoughts on “Goo Goo Ga Joob

  1. cue the “But Maddow is paid by GE, hence the facts that come out of her mouth are NOT true and this also applies to the people that she interviews” naysayers.
    (of which I am not one)

  2. Yeah, I saw this…as good as it is, it’s also frustrating…there’s no reason why this type of reporting can’t be done by any or all television journalists…well, except for the fact that these alleged media “professionals” have devolved to the level of plasmodial slime molds…but preening, narcissitic slime molds acting out the very worst replay of your average high-school pecking order.

  3. Loved the segment. Like Michael above, you’d think with all the professional journalists running around, that in (what is it, about) 53 days they couldn’t find some sort of database (like Lexis-Nexis) and start reporting this information?
    Perhaps MSM should start hiring librarians to search for facts?

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