Weekend Question Thread

Somebody gives you $1,000, and the only condition is that you HAVE to spend it on yourself. You cannot give it to charity or pay bills with it, and it cannot be spent by anyone but you.

What do you do with it?


33 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Oh that’s easy… I’d go to a yarn/fiber conference. There’s Chain Link for crocheters, Confluence for surface design artists or Convergence for weavers or I’d take a workshop/summer course of study someplace like the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Split Rock Arts Program (U of Minnesota)or Arrowmont (Tennessee). The $1,000 might not cover the whole cost but it would sure help.

  2. Only $1,000? Hell I could burn that in a weekend. I’d probably get a massage and a mani/pedi and a facial and get my hair colored and burn the rest on clothes and shoes. Definitely shoes.

  3. I’d spend it on the Mustang…Uh… Excuse me my planet-killing vehicle of extinction that I should be ashamed for loving…
    She needs some engine and exhaust work.

  4. I’d rejoin the Y (it’s been 6 years — just can’t afford them anymore!) and set up some sessions with a personal trainer.

  5. Guitar? Nah, I just bought one.
    I think I’d take my wife to stay in the Grove Park Inn in Asheville and get one of their most expensive rooms.After that it would be Ketel One on the rocks and lobster.

  6. It’s boring as all hell, but I need to buy a new oven. Have been holding off until the solar panels and solar water heater are paid for.
    Fortunately the range top still works.
    I’m not an expert in the kitchen, but cooking is pretty much an everyday thing for me.
    Several years ago, I did get a small and totally unearned windfall of about $3500 (long story, will spare you the details.) I split it with my brother and sister, and left my share pretty much alone. Along with other funds, it helped me close on the house I live in.

  7. I would use it toward (I have no idea the cost) getting one of my sculptures cast for reproduction.

  8. Upgrade to the new version of Photoshop and take a good course in how to use it, so that I can get back to making some art.

  9. The answer could change tomorrow, but right this minute: a rental at the beach for a week, with some books and some beers and a fish taco place within walking distance.
    The beach has no oil, no dead wildlife, no sad people, because that all didn’t happen.

  10. I have no idea.
    Seriously. I have no freaking idea.
    I don’t think I know how to spend money on just myself.
    I need some lessons.
    Excellent question, BTW.

  11. I would fix the AC in my PT Cruiser. It really gets hot here in the summer, and I’m getting tired of getting cooked every time I drive anywhere in the summer.
    If there is any $$ left, it goes to Barnes and Noble for ebooks for my Nook.

  12. Head to Plaza Books and Zia Music. No better way to maximize a grand than buying previously owned books and music.

  13. Clothes and yoga classes.
    I’m so god damn fat from sitting on my ass I have outgrown everything I own.

  14. Oh, yes, I would buy a new painting. Probably one by my friend GC Myers. Really. Great stuff, you should look him up. If I had money it would all go to art. I can’t help myself.

  15. kitchen supplies, most notably a quality stand mixer. a shelf or cupboard to adjoin my kitchen, to be used as a pantry. massive quantities of fresh produce for canning (’tis the season!). additional jars and screw bands.

  16. …this is easy; an entire week with my lovely bride of 27 years at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Orygun, seeing every one of the plays and staying at the best, most romantic establishment in town (as opposed to our usual couple of days and a couple of plays while staying at the cheapest place we can find)…
    If there’s anything left over, we’ll burn it up by going the long way home and spending the weekend at a particular harbor-front place we discovered but could never normally hope to afford on the Central Orygun coast in Newport…

  17. It’d be off to Florida for me, to see if my brother there can round up some Limpkins, King’s Hairstreaks, and–most especially–a Say’s Spiketail or two for me to photograph.

  18. Get my hair reblacked guilt-free (since I’m now unemployed, dammit), buy a summer-weight interview suit, buy a copy of Microsoft Office (since I now need to have it at home), buy flowers for my front garden and herbs for my kitchen garden, have a nice expensive dinner at the Pho Benh Thanh, and blow the rest on books and DVDs.

  19. Interrobang: Can you limp by with Open Office for the time being? Free at OpenOffice.org. I haven’t run the database module through any heavy lifting, but the word processing, spreadsheet and presentation, but I’ve done nothing at work (formerly newspapers/Web, now college PR) on MS Office that I couldn’t do on OO.

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