10 thoughts on “A Yacht Named Bob?

  1. Tony Hayward is a perfect example of how the wealthy and powerful are so very different from the rest of us.

  2. Bob has an aquatic reference, but it seems more appropriate for a dinghy or a fishing vessel, not a yacht you are using to RACE around the North Sea in.

  3. “Bob” was also British slang for a shilling (when the pound was worth $2.80, a shilling would have been fourteen cents), so, perhaps, this is a reference to money.
    Or maybe how much Hayward tips the waitresses…

  4. Amazing. He isn’t the captain … okay, maybe you’d want someone whose only job is sailing as shot-caller. But he doesn’t even sail, he has a yacht so that he canwatch it?
    Jesus in spats, different isn’t the word.

  5. Surely he had to realize that being caught on his sailboat would be a public relations nightmare????????

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