Monday Night Music: Willow Weep For Me

I was in a foul mood all day: nothing went right and I became increasingly cranky. So, I decided to play the very first CD I ever bought, Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson, when it was pouring cats, dogs, trumpets and pianos. It didn’t entirely cheer me up but it lightened my load a bit and that’s all you can ask from two dead jazz geniuses:

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3 thoughts on “Monday Night Music: Willow Weep For Me

  1. bjkeefe says:

    Nice! Thanks. I did not know that version — the Duke’s instrumental is the one I grew up on:
    Hell of a first CD, in any case.

  2. Linkmeister says:

    Another great version isWes Montgomery’s, here with the Wynton Kelly Trio from the 1965 album “Smokin’ at the Half Note.”

  3. Adrastos says:

    I love Wes Montgomery. Thanks for the link.

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