7 thoughts on “John Kerry: EVERYBODY’S Boyfriend

  1. Can Wonkette just take a time achine back to 2006? Reading that tortured attempt at being snarky is like watching someone with artificial hips do the Macarena.

  2. I thought it was pretty good. Dude, they’re on Kerry’s side.
    If he’s shitting in the closet, though, you gotta cut him loose.

  3. Well, we can’t all be as awesome as you are Jude…
    When’s the next installment of your awesome exploits?

  4. I’m workin’ on it, brother. Finally had to break down and get a new computer, so I’m transferrin’ and settin’ shit up.

  5. are you saying Miss Kerry is a goer?
    been around?
    we ask you knowingly…

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